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Hospitality, Hospitals and the Color 800 Press Drive Double-Digit Growth at Sir Speedy Orlando

By |Aug 29, 2013|

The Xerox Color 800 press has delivered a number of new capabilities to Sir Speedy Orlando. Printing on heavier stocks and synthetics has given customers more choices for restaurant menus and collateral. Clear toner has provided another creative wrinkle to business cards, menus and other pieces. And increased processing power has made variable information printing more productive.

#PrintWins: Recap of Print Community Insights & Perspectives from #PrintChat Session

By |Aug 28, 2013|

What happens when you gather passionate members of the print community – from social media directors to business development professionals to production managers – and get them to weigh in on all-things-print during an hour long Twitter chat? We had the great pleasure of finding out first-hand, as @XeroxProduction hosted the August 21st #PrintChat session. With more than 50 participants and nearly 700 tweets – it was an incredibly fast-paced session filled with a range of unique and valuable perspectives. Check-out our recap!

Academic Program Evolves to Serve—and Lead—the Graphic Communications Industry

By |Aug 27, 2013|

Chris Bondy, Administrative Chair of the School of Media Sciences at RIT, explains why the school’s academic program is evolving to lead the Graphic Communications industry, and what that means for tomorrow’s graphic communications professionals

The Second Myth of Print Sales: Relationship Selling Brings in the Business

By |Aug 22, 2013|

Sales people that continue to use relationship selling will find that they get poorer results in return for a lot of hard work. Often, their prospect will be delighted at all the help, friendship and free consultancy that they get from these sales people. But they will often go elsewhere to place orders. So relationship sellers will struggle to control a solid sales pipeline. They may find it very hard to achieve the targets that they have been set.

Print Provider Increases Productivity, Eliminates Obsolescence with Xerox Color 8250 Production Printer

By |Aug 20, 2013|

For Matrix Imaging Services, a provider of document processing services, the goal was simple: add color impact and personalization to transactional statements and promotional direct mailings…all at an affordable price. See how the Xerox Color 8250 Production Printer helped to create new workflows and open new opportunities.

#PrintWins: Celebrating Successes; Imagining the Future of Print

By |Aug 15, 2013|

Have you noticed all the attention print has been receiving lately through mass media? Frankly, that pleases me – and I am betting you feel the same way. As one of print’s biggest fans, there’s no better time than leading up to PRINT 13 to talk about its value and strength. It has rallied back from the economic challenges that dominated our industry five years ago.

Are There Downsides to the Right of First Refusal?

By |Aug 13, 2013|

Typically the right of first refusal for an inplant printer means that all the work goes to the inplant and they decide which work they will do, based on how busy they are and how their charges compare and decide if they’re going to do the work themselves or outsource the work. However, there are a few potential downsides.

The First Myth of Print Sales: More Sales Activity Creates More Profit

By |Aug 8, 2013|

Matthew Parker explains that “more activity equals more profit” is a myth for those involved in print sales. People who end up with commodity sales and commodity customers are losing profit and failing to meet their full potential.

Which is More Effective for Marketing: SEO or SMO?

By |Aug 6, 2013|

SEO and SMO are terms used to describe how easy it is for others to find you and/or how close to the top your listing appears after a search. Is one more effective than the other?