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    How to Create a Successful Case Study for Variable Data Printing

How to Create a Successful Case Study for Variable Data Printing

By |Apr 16, 2014|

Many case studies used to convince clients to invest in variable data print solutions lack substance. Avoid this problem by ensuring your case studies include these 3 critical components.

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    Why Case Studies Can Help You Successfully Sell Variable Data Print

Why Case Studies Can Help You Successfully Sell Variable Data Print

By |Apr 10, 2014|

Selling Variable Data Print requires a special approach. Buyers of these services are often being presented with a new way of thinking and being asked to accept an increased unit cost on their print. See how case studies can help you persuade them.

March Madness Bracket of Print Applications

By |Mar 17, 2014|

With ‘Selection Sunday’ freshly behind us, action for the NCAA Tournament is heating up. For non-sports enthusiasts, March Madness inspires a variety of spin-off brackets – pitting theoretical match-ups against one another in a battle for ultimate supremacy. So we thought, why not a tournament of print applications?

Foolproof Method to Profitably Produce Business Cards

By |Mar 3, 2014|

For print providers, business cards represent an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and probe about other work. But it can also be a low-margin and demanding job with color and registration challenges. See how the Xerox Color C75 and J75 Presses simplify these tasks with automated capabilities.

Personalization: Is There an Acceptable Error Rate?

By |Feb 3, 2014|

We all know the saying: “Data is King!” But where do we draw the line for data inaccuracies in direct mail pieces? Is there an acceptable error rate for personalization?

Bringing in 2014: Popular Blog Posts From the Past Year (Including QR Codes, Security Printing and more!)

By |Dec 26, 2013|

As 2013 begins to unwind, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that was and looking to make 2014 an even better experience for ourselves and our customers. Here’s a look at some of the most popular blog posts in 2013, including how to leverage QR Codes for more than just shortcuts, real-world applications of security printing, and much more.

Personalized URLs: How Well Are You Using the Survey Page?

By |Dec 11, 2013|

One of the most powerful tools incorporated into personalized URL solutions is the survey page, affording you the opportunity to gather information on prospects’ business needs and pain points. Heidi Tolliver-Walker takes a look at several examples of survey pages used well.

New York City Agencies Win Big and Reap Benefits with Digital Print

By |Oct 29, 2013|

More than 5 months after the conclusion of the #PhaserHunt during NYCxDESIGN, we take a look at the 3 winning graphic design agencies to see how they’ve been putting their Phaser 7800′s to use.

Photo Customers Want Color Consistency as well as a “Pretty Picture”…

By |Oct 16, 2013|

How could your business be impacted by a color management solution providing fast and simple profile creation to help you achieve and manage greater color consistency across your fleet of digital presses? See what Xerox MatchAssure has to offer.

Thick Stock Capability Increases Application Flexibility

By |Oct 9, 2013|

Addition of Thick Stock Capability to Xerox iGen4 Diamond Edition allows you to now print on substrates up to 24 point (610 micron) with a maximum sheet size of 14.3″ x 24″. See what applications and industries benefit from this new capability.