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    How to Create a Successful Case Study for Variable Data Printing

How to Create a Successful Case Study for Variable Data Printing

By |Apr 16, 2014|

Many case studies used to convince clients to invest in variable data print solutions lack substance. Avoid this problem by ensuring your case studies include these 3 critical components.

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    Why Case Studies Can Help You Successfully Sell Variable Data Print

Why Case Studies Can Help You Successfully Sell Variable Data Print

By |Apr 10, 2014|

Selling Variable Data Print requires a special approach. Buyers of these services are often being presented with a new way of thinking and being asked to accept an increased unit cost on their print. See how case studies can help you persuade them.

March Madness Bracket of Print Applications

By |Mar 17, 2014|

With ‘Selection Sunday’ freshly behind us, action for the NCAA Tournament is heating up. For non-sports enthusiasts, March Madness inspires a variety of spin-off brackets – pitting theoretical match-ups against one another in a battle for ultimate supremacy. So we thought, why not a tournament of print applications?

Personalized URLs: How Well Are You Using the Survey Page?

By |Dec 11, 2013|

One of the most powerful tools incorporated into personalized URL solutions is the survey page, affording you the opportunity to gather information on prospects’ business needs and pain points. Heidi Tolliver-Walker takes a look at several examples of survey pages used well.

Developing Databases Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

By |Sep 26, 2013|

One of the biggest challenges of 1:1 marketing campaigns isn’t the concern about whether or not the approach works…it’s about databases. Not having a comprehensive database doesn’t remove 1:1 print marketing from the equation. Learn how marketers are getting around the “I don’t have enough data for personalization” problem

Direct Marketing: Get Relevant, Get Results – Part I

By |May 13, 2013|

The Direct Marketing Association states the response rate of direct mail is more than 30x higher than that of email. You understand the benefits of direct marketing, but actually doing it – and doing it well – now that’s a completely different story! A recent Xerox Thought Leadership Workshop delved into everything-direct marketing. Included was a discussion of psychology based marketing and how to trigger the unconscious minds of your consumers, as well as the art and science of selling direct marketing services. We discuss some of the insight shared in Part I of our recap.

Leveraging a Self-Promo Direct Marketing Campaign to your Benefit

By |Mar 20, 2013|

You provide your customers many benefits through your digital print capabilities, but how can you be sure that your customers of today and tomorrow know about your many other services and offerings? A self-promotional direct marketing campaign can demonstrate your capabilities first hand. See how CopyCat AS of Norway filled their open house event by capturing a 10% response rate and 50% conversation rate with an integrated cross-media campaign.

Hunkeler Innovationdays Recap, February 11-15, 2013

By |Mar 5, 2013|

Recap of Hunkeler Innovationdays 2013 and Xerox’s presence, including a look at the CiPress Single Engine Duplex and a sneak-peek at the Color 8250 Production Press

Personalized Video: The Next Media in New Media

By |Jan 3, 2013|

Written by Larry Zusman
GM, XMPie Video Personalization Business Team
XMPie, A Xerox Company

With the holiday season freshly behind us, you may have seen “them”. In fact, we

Connecting Print to the Digital World One Scan at a Time

By |Jul 17, 2012|

Written by Christine Winter
PR/ Marketing Programs Manager
XMPie,  A Xerox Company

You may have heard about a study by the Centre for Experimental Consumer Psychology at Bangor University that