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    How to Create a Successful Case Study for Variable Data Printing

How to Create a Successful Case Study for Variable Data Printing

By |Apr 16, 2014|

Many case studies used to convince clients to invest in variable data print solutions lack substance. Avoid this problem by ensuring your case studies include these 3 critical components.

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    Why Case Studies Can Help You Successfully Sell Variable Data Print

Why Case Studies Can Help You Successfully Sell Variable Data Print

By |Apr 10, 2014|

Selling Variable Data Print requires a special approach. Buyers of these services are often being presented with a new way of thinking and being asked to accept an increased unit cost on their print. See how case studies can help you persuade them.

March Madness Bracket of Print Applications

By |Mar 17, 2014|

With ‘Selection Sunday’ freshly behind us, action for the NCAA Tournament is heating up. For non-sports enthusiasts, March Madness inspires a variety of spin-off brackets – pitting theoretical match-ups against one another in a battle for ultimate supremacy. So we thought, why not a tournament of print applications?

Personalization: Is There an Acceptable Error Rate?

By |Feb 3, 2014|

We all know the saying: “Data is King!” But where do we draw the line for data inaccuracies in direct mail pieces? Is there an acceptable error rate for personalization?

Personalized URLs: How Well Are You Using the Survey Page?

By |Dec 11, 2013|

One of the most powerful tools incorporated into personalized URL solutions is the survey page, affording you the opportunity to gather information on prospects’ business needs and pain points. Heidi Tolliver-Walker takes a look at several examples of survey pages used well.

Mapping Reduces the Barrier to Personalization

By |Oct 8, 2013|

Even without extensive databases, marketers can creatively use tools at their disposal to create effective 1:1 direct marketing campaigns. See how a restaurant and childcare service leveraged mapping and location-based information to drive home huge ROI.

Developing Databases Doesn’t Have to Be Hard!

By |Sep 26, 2013|

One of the biggest challenges of 1:1 marketing campaigns isn’t the concern about whether or not the approach works…it’s about databases. Not having a comprehensive database doesn’t remove 1:1 print marketing from the equation. Learn how marketers are getting around the “I don’t have enough data for personalization” problem

TransPromo: The Opportunity Isn’t Going Away

By |Sep 19, 2013|

TransPromo documents are projected for a healthy 30.2% CAGR from 2011 to 2016. A recent study found 65% of households prefer to receive printed copies of bills and statements. With the growing prevalence and affordability of high-speed production inkjet lends itself to opportunities in transactional marketing printing.

Do You Need Double-Digit Response Rates for 1:1 Success?

By |Jul 18, 2013|

Have we finally moved past the double-digit response rate obsession in personalized 1:1 print campaigns? Is there a shift toward the understanding that success should be viewed by the bigger picture results rather than just a few numbers?

Selling Direct Marketing: 7 Steps to Success

By |May 30, 2013|

Direct marketing provides enormous opportunities and potential for profitability. But becoming a strategic partner for your clients means more than just adding services and offerings. It is critical to have a sales team in place capable of selling these services. Katie Dunn, President and Founder of Digital Innovations Group, discussed the 7 steps to successfully selling direct marketing services in a recent Thought Leadership Workshop.