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    Barksdale Bets It All on Changing Their Production Processes

Barksdale Bets It All on Changing Their Production Processes

By |Mar 15, 2016|

Barksdale Portraits discusses their adoption of automated workflows that reduced packing and shipping from 3 weeks to 3 hours

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    War Aviation Illustrations Become ‘Clear’ Tokens of Peace

War Aviation Illustrations Become ‘Clear’ Tokens of Peace

By |Jul 14, 2015|

A story of adversity, heroism and friendship: See how print is reuniting a former Vietnam POW with the man who shot down his plane nearly fifty years ago.

Using a Lunch and Learn to Target Prosumers

By |Mar 4, 2015|

Lunch and Learn Events can be a cost-effective and highly successful way to drive new business. See how this Premier Partner, Jubels, is thriving by targeting prosumers in the photo market.

Photo Customers Want Color Consistency as well as a “Pretty Picture”…

By |Oct 16, 2013|

How could your business be impacted by a color management solution providing fast and simple profile creation to help you achieve and manage greater color consistency across your fleet of digital presses? See what Xerox MatchAssure has to offer.

How Wedding Invitations and Personalized Discount Codes Drove $2.5M in Revenue Growth for Printer

By |Mar 8, 2013|

In the US in 2011, an average of $350 was spent on invitation cards, per wedding. See how a printer drove $2.5M in revenue growth within 12 months by expanding their offerings and utilizing personalized discount codes.

Looking to boost awareness of your company’s capabilities and attract new customers? The Xerox Best-of-the-Best Program can help!

By |Dec 17, 2012|

Written by Mary Roddy
Marketing Manager, Premier Partners Global Network
Xerox Corporation

Innovative personalized chocolate packaging that produces $100,000 in profit through a single holiday season, a direct marketing

Optimism about the Future of Print Highlighted by Printers in Survey

By |Oct 9, 2012|

Written by Mary Roddy
Global Marketing Manager, Xerox Premier Partners Global Network
Xerox Corporation

In a recent survey of 485 members of Xerox’s Premier Partners Global Network, conducted with GMC Analytics, more

Baby Abe’s Photo Book

By |Aug 21, 2012|

Written by Brian Segnit
The Xerox Photo Guy
Xerox Corporation

If Abe Lincoln’s mom had his baby book printed on a Xerox iGen4 with Matte Dry Ink it

Happy Birthday To Me!

By |Jul 19, 2012|

Written By Joel Basa
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

Yes, it’s my b-day! There is no better way to spend my birthday than writing a blog post as I battle

The Myths About Being Special

By |Jun 26, 2012|

Written By Joe Schember
Product Marketing, Digital

Remember when you were growing up and your parents would tell you that you were special? Whether you were struggling to