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    How Production Color Inkjet is Changing the Print Application Landscape

How Production Color Inkjet is Changing the Print Application Landscape

By |Jan 14, 2015|

In just three years, U.S. production color inkjet page volume will exceed that of digital color toner. What applications will benefit the most from these tremendous growth opportunities?

Postal Rates: What Goes Up Must Come Down…In Weight

By |Jun 10, 2014|

Postal rates in the United States are rising. For those in the direct mail business, for companies that mail transactional statements, and for print providers that serve those industries – this is a big deal. See how waterless inkjet technology and the ability to print on lightweight substrates is opening new opportunities.

TransPromo: The Opportunity Isn’t Going Away

By |Sep 19, 2013|

TransPromo documents are projected for a healthy 30.2% CAGR from 2011 to 2016. A recent study found 65% of households prefer to receive printed copies of bills and statements. With the growing prevalence and affordability of high-speed production inkjet lends itself to opportunities in transactional marketing printing.

The TransPromo space is alive and well – are you taking advantage? This Printer Did, Reducing Client’s Statement Costs by 30%

By |Apr 3, 2013|

The TransPromo or transactional-promotional space is alive and well – are you taking advantage? A recent report shows that while over 75% of consumers can view their bank accounts online, over 85% choose to continue receiving statements by mail. USPS cites that transactional statements are opened 95% of the time on average, and the receiver spends two to three minutes with each piece. This affords tremendous opportunities to all involved – the print provider, service provider, advertiser, and recipient.

Looking to boost awareness of your company’s capabilities and attract new customers? The Xerox Best-of-the-Best Program can help!

By |Dec 17, 2012|

Written by Mary Roddy
Marketing Manager, Premier Partners Global Network
Xerox Corporation

Innovative personalized chocolate packaging that produces $100,000 in profit through a single holiday season, a direct marketing

Optimism about the Future of Print Highlighted by Printers in Survey

By |Oct 9, 2012|

Written by Mary Roddy
Global Marketing Manager, Xerox Premier Partners Global Network
Xerox Corporation

In a recent survey of 485 members of Xerox’s Premier Partners Global Network, conducted with GMC Analytics, more

The Myths About Being Special

By |Jun 26, 2012|

Written By Joe Schember
Product Marketing, Digital

Remember when you were growing up and your parents would tell you that you were special? Whether you were struggling to

The 5 Senses At drupa 2012: Best of the Best Winners

By |May 2, 2012|

Written By Bill Michael
Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation

You know them: hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste. At drupa, each of your senses will be put to great use, as

The Transformative Effects of Tropical Sun and Strategic Business Initiatives

By |Mar 1, 2012|

Written by Gina Testa, Vice President
Worldwide Graphics Communications Business
Xerox Corporation

Coming from Western New York State, the warm, tropical air in Miami Beach this time of year

Taking the Mystery Out of G7®

By |Feb 2, 2012|

Written by:
Matthew J. Volpe
Smart Press Production Consultant & National Customer Trainer
Xerox Corporation

Many print professionals have heard of G7 but are not exactly sure what it is.