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How Do You Overcome Inefficiencies, Bottlenecks and Waste?

By |Mar 26, 2014|

Have you ever considered how much money is lost each year due to inefficient processes, bottlenecks and waste? A look at the benefits associated with an optimized plant layout and workflow and how you can get involved.

3 Steps to Improving your Print Business in 2014

By |Jan 9, 2014|

Want to get the most out of your business? 3 steps for improving your print business in 2014, and a look ahead to topics we will discuss this year (including optimizing your website, leveraging social media, and much more!)

4 Steps for a Better 2014

By |Jan 7, 2014|

Want to ensure a more prosperous year for your business? Howie Fenton takes a look at 4 steps for a better 2014.

Web to Print: More Sizzle Than Steak?

By |Dec 10, 2013|

A recent NAPL survey asked participants about the success they’ve seen using web-to-print, with more than half citing increased sales and two-thirds saying it has streamlined their production workflow. But many have experienced challenges as well. Continue reading to see all the survey results:

Web-Hosted Color Management Opens New Doors for Color Automation and Consistency

By |Nov 11, 2013|

Do you struggle with the challenge of maintaining consistent color across digital presses? What if this process could be simplified by using a single color management solution for an entire fleet? And what if that solution was web-hosted, allowing you to remotely access and respond to the status of all your presses?

The Next Generation of Workflow Solutions

By |Oct 1, 2013|

Does your print business struggle with workflow challenges? What if you could remove costly manual prepress steps, reducing your costs and reducing the time it takes to get jobs through your shop. See how Xerox FreeFlow Core can free up your resources from repetitive tasks and move them to higher value jobs.

Hospitality, Hospitals and the Color 800 Press Drive Double-Digit Growth at Sir Speedy Orlando

By |Aug 29, 2013|

The Xerox Color 800 press has delivered a number of new capabilities to Sir Speedy Orlando. Printing on heavier stocks and synthetics has given customers more choices for restaurant menus and collateral. Clear toner has provided another creative wrinkle to business cards, menus and other pieces. And increased processing power has made variable information printing more productive.

Are There Downsides to the Right of First Refusal?

By |Aug 13, 2013|

Typically the right of first refusal for an inplant printer means that all the work goes to the inplant and they decide which work they will do, based on how busy they are and how their charges compare and decide if they’re going to do the work themselves or outsource the work. However, there are a few potential downsides.

The First Myth of Print Sales: More Sales Activity Creates More Profit

By |Aug 8, 2013|

Matthew Parker explains that “more activity equals more profit” is a myth for those involved in print sales. People who end up with commodity sales and commodity customers are losing profit and failing to meet their full potential.

In-Plant Professionals were In-the-House, Sharing Strategies to take Business to the Next Level

By |Mar 13, 2013|

In-plant print professionals gathered to discuss various strategies and success stories for how they are overcoming challenges in transforming their in-house shops into high-powered marketing machines, bridging the print and digital worlds by leveraging social media, multi-channel communications and big data trends.