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The Most and Least Worthwhile Software?

By |Jul 23, 2014|

In recent NAPL research reports, Web-to-Print has been labeled as both the ‘most useful’ and ‘least useful’ software among print providers. Puzzled? Howie Fenton takes a closer look.

BYU Finds Students Prefer Printed Course Materials

By |Jul 8, 2014|

An exclusive look at a study conducted by Brigham Young University (BYU), looking at student preferences when it comes to print versus electronic media.

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    Differences in Workflow Software Usage: In-plant vs. Commercial Printers

Differences in Workflow Software Usage: In-plant vs. Commercial Printers

By |Jun 26, 2014|

A sneak-peek into exclusive research data, detailing how in-plants and commercial printers differ in terms of workflow software usage.

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    Print-to-Mobile Services Pioneers Describe Print Provider Opportunity

Print-to-Mobile Services Pioneers Describe Print Provider Opportunity

By |Jun 19, 2014|

Learn how mobile is quickly becoming a dominant force in the graphic communications industry and what businesses can do to keep up with this change.

How Digital Production Is Changing Marketing

By |Jun 3, 2014|

How has digital print and a shift in printing technologies impacted marketing strategies? Heidi Tolliver-Walker examines a few, including high-speed inkjet, full-color database-driven personalization and security printing.

NexGen SOPs or Standard Operating Procedures

By |May 6, 2014|

Standard Operating Procedures have value as a management tool; but they are painful to create, difficult to update, and sometimes impossible to understand. See what the next generation of SOPs look like.

How Do You Overcome Inefficiencies, Bottlenecks and Waste?

By |Mar 26, 2014|

Have you ever considered how much money is lost each year due to inefficient processes, bottlenecks and waste? A look at the benefits associated with an optimized plant layout and workflow and how you can get involved.

10 Trends Print Providers Need to Act Upon in 2014

By |Mar 18, 2014|

Print providers have faced more than their share of change in recent years. Barb Pellow looks at 10 trends that will create opportunities for print providers in 2014…and tips on how to take advantage.

How Much Does Bad Customer Service Cost?

By |Mar 11, 2014|

What is the cost of bad customer service? How much more does it cost to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one? The answers may surprise you. Howie Fenton looks at industry trends and ways you can proactively listen and respond to customer needs.

Chief Digital Officers: Competition or Customers?

By |Jan 21, 2014|

There is a hot new job title on the rise, known as Chief Digital Officer. By 2015, Gartner expects 25% of all organizations to have one. Howie Fenton takes a look at 3 potential roles and how they may impact your business.