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What types of customer should you consider getting rid of?

By |May 20, 2015|

Do you have problematic customers tying up resources and hurting your margins? Here are 4 factors to consider when evaluating which customers to fire.

Why You Should Fire a Customer Today

By |May 5, 2015|

Have you ever had a customer you regret becoming involved with? Problematic customers eat away at margins and divert your attention away from more valuable opportunities. Learn why you likely have more customers that should be fired than you realize.

Why an Uneducated Customer is Great for your Business

By |Apr 21, 2015|

Your customers may not always understand what goes into producing a print job. For your profit margins, that can actually be a very good thing. Continue reading to learn why.

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    Can Choosing the ‘Right’ Print Jobs Maximize Profit Margins?

Can Choosing the ‘Right’ Print Jobs Maximize Profit Margins?

By |Apr 11, 2015|

When sales teams aren’t given guidance on what types of customers to seek, they are left to simply ‘fill the presses’. See how choosing the ‘right’ print jobs can help you maximize resources — and profits.

Helping your Sales Team Craft a Winning Message

By |Mar 31, 2015|

Does your sales messaging focus on service, quality or competitive pricing? If so, consider changing it. To your customers, you look the same as 98% of the suppliers they deal with. And when this happens, they are forced to choose on price. Learn how to make your messaging stand apart!

Avoid the Commodity Trap by Choosing the Right Customers

By |Mar 24, 2015|

Consumers have more options than ever before when looking to purchase print. As a result, pricing pressure can be smothering. How do you escape this commodity trap? With unique offerings aimed at specific target markets. This article explains how to get started.

How to Create Bigger Print Profits for your Sales Team

By |Mar 17, 2015|

Without clear directions and targets, sales teams often struggle to generate results and drive profits for your company. See what steps you can take to ensure your team has everything they need to succeed.

Using a Lunch and Learn to Target Prosumers

By |Mar 4, 2015|

Lunch and Learn Events can be a cost-effective and highly successful way to drive new business. See how this Premier Partner, Jubels, is thriving by targeting prosumers in the photo market.

The Mad, Mad Disconnect on QR Codes

By |Mar 2, 2015|

QR Codes get a lot of criticism from naysayers. But when done right, they may be the simplest, most common sense way to boost customer engagement. See three examples of companies taking full advantage.

7 Strategies to Successful Networking

By |Feb 18, 2015|

Take your networking to new heights by implementing these seven tips at your next conference, event or professional gathering.