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5 Tips for Successful Networking at drupa

By |Apr 28, 2016|

Leaving a powerful impression at a networking event can be a challenge. Here are five tips to mastering the art of networking.

How to Improve Print Sales with Good Stories

By |Apr 5, 2016|

Educate your client base on the value and effectiveness of print with these helpful resources and articles.

A Path to Accelerating Adoption of Digital Printing

By |Mar 17, 2016|

Solving the mystery for why it takes printers so long to adopt new technology innovations when it’s clear the substantial market advantages they present.

Improving Sales by Understanding Customer Mindsets

By |Mar 8, 2016|

Learn how to improve your sales by adapting your pitch to your audience and their specific DISC profile.

Attention Sales People: Why you MUST Study your Customers

By |Feb 11, 2016|

To successfully convert sales prospect, you must live in their world. Here are 3 sets of questions to get you started.

3 Ways you Should be Educating your Sales Force

By |Jan 19, 2016|

A look at where most sales training goes wrong, and three critical bits of information your sales team must know.

Using Customer Surveys to Upsell

By |Jan 11, 2016|

80% of companies think they give above average customer service, yet only 8% of customers feel they receive it. Where do you stand and how can you improve?

How To Keep Presses Busy Over Holiday Periods

By |Dec 17, 2015|

Everyone dreads the thought of an idle press. Here are strategies to help you minimize the effects of quiet holiday periods.

Upselling by Creating an Upgrade Path

By |Dec 10, 2015|

Offering upgrades is not about increasing turnover, it’s about increasing profit margins. Tips on what services to offer, when to offer them, and who to offer them to.

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    Next Generation Magazines: Customized, Personalized and Interactive

Next Generation Magazines: Customized, Personalized and Interactive

By |Dec 3, 2015|

A look at the past, present and future of printed magazines with personalized content, and how inkjet technologies are changing the publishing segment.