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    10 Steps to Effectively Marketing Your Web-to-Print Services

10 Steps to Effectively Marketing Your Web-to-Print Services

By |Apr 1, 2014|

Web-to-print is transforming the print industry, delivering a host of benefits for print providers and their customers. However, some are having difficulty convincing customers of these benefits. Here are 10 steps to effectively marketing your Web-to-print services

Foolproof Method to Profitably Produce Business Cards

By |Mar 3, 2014|

For print providers, business cards represent an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and probe about other work. But it can also be a low-margin and demanding job with color and registration challenges. See how the Xerox Color C75 and J75 Presses simplify these tasks with automated capabilities.

The Big Business Change: E-Commerce, Web-to-Print, and how you can Embrace it.

By |Jan 15, 2014|

Does your sales team spend the majority of their time helping customers on commodity-based revenue streams? Read first-hand how this Business Development consultant helped a print provider with a web-to-print solution, moving commodity sales to the web and freeing their sales force to focus on more opportunistic customer opportunities.

Web to Print: More Sizzle Than Steak?

By |Dec 10, 2013|

A recent NAPL survey asked participants about the success they’ve seen using web-to-print, with more than half citing increased sales and two-thirds saying it has streamlined their production workflow. But many have experienced challenges as well. Continue reading to see all the survey results:

The Next Generation of Workflow Solutions

By |Oct 1, 2013|

Does your print business struggle with workflow challenges? What if you could remove costly manual prepress steps, reducing your costs and reducing the time it takes to get jobs through your shop. See how Xerox FreeFlow Core can free up your resources from repetitive tasks and move them to higher value jobs.

Five Missing Skill Sets Required for Success

By |Jun 25, 2013|

Although some countries are more progressive, a more universal truth is that across all countries, the skill sets needed are changing faster than most curriculum. Howie Fenton of NAPL shares the five skill sets needed for companies to succeed in the ever-changing print industry.

Delivering Value to your Clients: Expand your Offerings with Performance, Image Quality and Automation

By |Apr 23, 2013|

In the ultra-competitive print industry, it is clear that your customers of today and tomorrow have choices. What sets your business apart? Is it your technology, variable data services, or fast turn-around times? After outsourcing £1,000 worth of work per month to local digital printers, British printer, KJB, shares their experience venturing into digital print with a new Xerox DocuColor 8080, allowing the company to tap into new growth opportunities.

Understanding the True Cost of Printing

By |Feb 5, 2013|

Written by Howard Fenton
Senior Technology Consultant

InfoTrends recently published a study entitled “Print Vs. Non-Print: InfoTrends Analyzes the True Cost of Business Communications.” What was most interesting

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

By |Jan 31, 2013|

Written by Jo Oliphant
Manager, Continuous Feed Europe
Xerox Corporation

When thinking about your business, if you ask yourself the question “how efficient is my business?”, what response would

Dispelling the Myths of Digital Printing

By |Nov 1, 2012|

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

I’m sure by now you’ve heard it all. Whether trying to convince management to invest in digital printing or trying to