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    Analyzing your Business Model: A Business Development Look at Financial and Logistical Risk (Part I)

Analyzing your Business Model: A Business Development Look at Financial and Logistical Risk (Part I)

By |Jan 23, 2014|

Have you ever used a quadrant model to evaluate your business offerings in terms of financial and logistical risks? A look at Commodity and Logistics Products, and what they can mean for your business

Changes in Internet Marketing in 2014

By |Nov 12, 2013|

A recent Forbes article forecast the 7 marketing trends that would dominate 2014. Included were several Internet marketing practices, some of which may be impacted by recent changes to Google’s algorithm, known as Hummingbird.

More Than 20% of Irongate Digital’s Annual Growth is From Specialty Media

By |Nov 4, 2013|

In today’s “e-everything” world, a single sheet of paper can cut through the clutter to reach marketing targets. And for print providers, specialty media can open new markets with unique solutions in photo specialty products, packaging and dimensional mailers. For one print provider, 20% of their annual growth is achieved with media-driven applications.

Beyond the Shop Floor: Automating Your Customer’s Marketing

By |Sep 12, 2013|

Automation has a growing role in your customers’ marketing programs. Plugging into those programs can build strong annuity revenue streams and strengthen not only your customer relationships, but your customers’ customer relationships. Continue reading to learn how.

Different Paths Lead Providers to SMB Aggregation Opportunity

By |Apr 30, 2013|

See how two print and marketing service providers have found growth by aggregating production volume from small and medium-sized businesses that share industry-specific marketing needs. With over 6 million SMBs in the United States, opportunities exist for those that can target verticals in a systematic way, all while offering value-added services.

Define Your Target Market as Tightly as Possible

By |Apr 11, 2013|

One of the best ways to gain an edge in today’s hyper-competitive graphic communications industry is by defining, pursuing and becoming an expert in target markets. That’s exactly what enabled Echo Communicate, a Baltimore-based graphic communications company, to become so successful. Focusing on one vertical market gave Echo the opportunity to become an expert and led to exponential growth and higher margins.

The 5 Senses At drupa 2012: Best of the Best Winners

By |May 2, 2012|

Written By Bill Michael
Marketing Analyst
Xerox Corporation

You know them: hearing, sight, touch, smell, taste. At drupa, each of your senses will be put to great use, as

How Are You Going to Attract New Clients?

By |Mar 14, 2012|

Written by:
Howard Fenton
Senior Technology Consultant

There are important changes in SEO or search engine optimization since Google’s announcement that their search criteria is placing more emphasis on

The Changes to the Hottest Digital Services

By |Mar 8, 2012|

Written by:
Howard Fenton
Senior Technology Consultant

As we prepare to publish our fourth Digital Services White paper, we are analyzing the data and following up with phone interviews

Facebook as a Marketing Tool

By |Jul 18, 2011|

Written by Christina Vullo, Social Media Marketing Analyst at Xerox Corporation

Today, more and more businesses are creating Facebook pages as a way to market themselves online;