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How To Create Engaging Social Media Content

By |Mar 27, 2014|

Having a presence on social media is important, but Is the content you share engaging and relevant to your customers and prospects? Here are tips on HOW to create content that your audience is sure to value.

Why You Should Avoid Selling On Social Media

By |Mar 20, 2014|

Have you ever experienced a pushy sales pitch at a network event? You probably found it unpleasant and frustrating. Don’t make the same mistake in social media! Here are things you should and shouldn’t be doing in social media.

How To Create Warmer Prospects With Social Media

By |Mar 13, 2014|

If you are like most people, you probably hate cold calling. Good news – there is a better way! See how you can use social media to engage with prospects, build relationships and help drive sales.

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    How Social Media Increased One Print Company’s Sales By 46%

How Social Media Increased One Print Company’s Sales By 46%

By |Feb 27, 2014|

Think the buzz around social media isn’t worth paying attention to? See how a print provider was able to increase sales by 46% by investing time and effort in social media.

The Seventh Myth of Print Sales: Social Media is Bad News for Print

By |Jan 27, 2014|

Have you noticed how print has always been under threat? First it was radio. Then it was television. Next, the Internet. And now it’s social media that is threatening to put an end to print. 3 reasons why social media is a great opportunity for the print industry:

Bringing in 2014: Popular Blog Posts From the Past Year (Including SEO, Print as Part of the Marketing Mix and more!)

By |Dec 31, 2013|

As 2013 begins to unwind, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that was and looking to make 2014 an even better experience for ourselves and our customers. Here’s a look at some of the most popular blog posts in 2013, including how to increase SEO and generate more leads, whether SEO or SMO is more effective for marketing, 5 reasons why print should always be a part of your marketing mix, and much more.

Why Print Providers Will Love Google Hummingbird

By |Nov 13, 2013|

While the latest Google algorithm update may impact your website’s rankings, it also opened a huge opportunity for you to grow your printing company. Katherine Tattersfield of shares insight on how you can reap the benefits of Hummingbird.

A Roundup of the #Print Community on Twitter

By |Oct 23, 2013|

Research shows that using Twitter helps foster communication while promoting informal learning. Vladimir Gendelman, Founder and CEO of Company Folders, provides an overview of over 40 print-related Twitter accounts you’ll want to follow – all full of great content and helpful information.

#PrintWins: Recap of Print Community Insights & Perspectives from #PrintChat Session

By |Aug 28, 2013|

What happens when you gather passionate members of the print community – from social media directors to business development professionals to production managers – and get them to weigh in on all-things-print during an hour long Twitter chat? We had the great pleasure of finding out first-hand, as @XeroxProduction hosted the August 21st #PrintChat session. With more than 50 participants and nearly 700 tweets – it was an incredibly fast-paced session filled with a range of unique and valuable perspectives. Check-out our recap!

Short Videos: Hot Trend or Flash in the Pan?

By |Jul 16, 2013|

A recent report focused on the Twitter activity of 1797 marketing executives found that 10% of marketing decision-makers shared at least one Vine video during the first quarter of 2013.