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    Will a Decline in Apple Sales Motivate the Creation of a More Responsive MacPro?

Will a Decline in Apple Sales Motivate the Creation of a More Responsive MacPro?

By |Feb 25, 2016|

Will a decline in Apple’s sales lead to the development of a MacPro that is responsive to the needs of design and print professionals?

Changes in Internet Marketing in 2014

By |Nov 12, 2013|

A recent Forbes article forecast the 7 marketing trends that would dominate 2014. Included were several Internet marketing practices, some of which may be impacted by recent changes to Google’s algorithm, known as Hummingbird.

The First Myth of Print Sales: More Sales Activity Creates More Profit

By |Aug 8, 2013|

Matthew Parker explains that “more activity equals more profit” is a myth for those involved in print sales. People who end up with commodity sales and commodity customers are losing profit and failing to meet their full potential.

Which is More Effective for Marketing: SEO or SMO?

By |Aug 6, 2013|

SEO and SMO are terms used to describe how easy it is for others to find you and/or how close to the top your listing appears after a search. Is one more effective than the other?

Business: Better or Worse and How does that Impact M&A for You?

By |Jul 25, 2013|

According to a survey on the MarketingProfs website, most decision-makers say it’s harder to run their business today than it was 5 years ago. See what this means for today’s managers.

Fast Company at Xerox Focus Forward

By |Jul 9, 2013|

Where do you go to become more innovative and get insight that might allow you to see things in a different light? One place to try is Xerox’s Focus Forward series. This year Xerox has already hosted Focus Forward events in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Philadelphia. The next event is in Fairfax, Virginia on July 18th and there are two more after that, one in Cincinnati and one in Denver.

Is the Perfect Storm Over? For Most, Not Quite Yet.

By |Apr 25, 2013|

The printing industry had experienced a perfect storm as a result of several major disruptions. These include cyclical changes in our economy, structural changes such as rising postal rates, more work done on local printers and copiers, technology changes, and changes to the business model. Are you feeling the after effects of the storm? What are you doing to create your own recovery?

Is Your Strength Also a Weakness?

By |Feb 25, 2013|

Written by Howard Fenton
Senior Technology Consultant

One of the most interesting things you learn when you visit a lot of companies is that their greatest strength can

Newspapers: Sustainable Business Model or Yesterday’s News?

By |Feb 6, 2013|

Written by Jo Oliphant
Manager, Continuous Feed Europe
Xerox Corporation

When was the last time you bought a newspaper? When did you last read one?

It’s mind boggling how effortlessly

Quick Printing Readers’ Choice Top Product Award: Xerox Receives Four Nominations

By |Jan 29, 2013|

Written by Bill Michael
eMarketing Manager, Xerox Corporation

In today’s challenging business environment, products that help make your life less complicated and your business more successful do not