Revisiting Great Content (Product Demos, Industry Discussions, and much more!)

Don’t you love it when you are casually browsing the Internet and stumble across something that you find to be completely engrossing and captivating? Fascinating to the extent that you look up at the clock, and a full hour has passed by without you even noticing it! Well, this happened to me last night, and I’m not the least bit embarrassed to admit that it was on our very own I came across a collection of new product demo videos, leading industry consultant discussions on interesting topics, and videos of Xerox customers sharing stories of how they are growing their businesses, delighting their customers, and thriving in challenging economic environments.
I had known the content existed, but not nearly to the degree that I found myself sifting through last night…and I wanted to be sure to share it with all of you!
I know that for some, Graph Expo is a distant 40-day-old-and-counting memory staring at you in the rear-view mirror. It’s a bit cliché to say, but we do live in a more frantic and fast-paced world than we could have ever imagined ten years ago. Time is money, and if you aren’t checking mail from your smart phone while inhaling breakfast and putting on your slacks, then you just are not being productive enough. Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones that were able to find time to take away from the office and visit Graph Expo. Even then there likely didn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to see the latest technology in action, or talk to the experts to find out how that software offering can integrate with your business.
But that’s exactly why I want to share with you this little golden nugget that I discovered last night!
Xerox created a repository of multimedia, all captured from the Xerox booth at Graph Expo. This virtual environment is filled with tons of great information, including:
• Multimedia videos with full product demonstrations of the Xerox™ Color 1000 Press, Xerox™ Color 550/560 Printer, and Xerox™ iGen4® EXP Press.
• Industry leaders Howie Fenton, Frank Romano, Andy Tribute, and Dr. Joe Webb discuss a variety of topics, including the needs facing your customers in the print industry today, an overview of web-to-print, today’s hot applications, how social media impacts the industry, and which verticals are embracing digital the most.
• Watch Bo Jackson, former NFL running back for the Los Angeles Raiders and Major League Baseball player, as he delivers a Marketing Keynote on transformation.
• Virtual video tour of the Xerox booth with Vice President Tracy Yelencsics. See how you can delight your customers, grow your business, become more automated by getting more jobs through your shop, and reduce your costs.
• Have access to the complete Real Business Magazine, Fall Edition, through an interactive PDF.
• Watch Xerox customers talk about their businesses and the ways they are staying successful in today’s challenging environment.
It’s all outstanding content, and I wanted to make sure that you were all aware of it. You will need to register with your email address (it really only takes a minute or so), but rest assured – you can easily opt-out of any mailing list, if desired.
If you’d like to see all the great content mentioned above, and much more, please check out our Virtual Graph Expo site.

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