Written by:
Joel Basa
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

I have the privilege of working at the Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation. I can walk from my cube and make my way to a “tradeshow” like environment and see products like an iGen4 EXP and Color 800/1000 run. It’s nice to be able to see current technology operating in real time.

But another less talked about gem on our Webster Campus outside of Rochester, NY is the Xerox Historical Archives. Ann Neal manages this library of historical items ranging from some of past Xerox product offerings, items from the days of Haloid Xerox, and a vast collection of Xerox newsletters, product documentation, sales collaterals, etc. She recently gave me a quick tour of the facility.

As I walked around, I was thinking about the future when we’ll see our current technology in this archive. It made me ask, “What’s next for print?” So, I ask you, what technology do you see being the future of print? Would would you “dream” up?

In the meantime, here are a few items that I wanted to share with you from my visit to the Xerox Historical Archives.

Manual & Messy. One copy per minute … if you’re lucky!

Standard Equipment aka Flat Plate Equipment (1950’s) – Manual & Messy. One copy per minute … if you’re lucky!

Copyflo 24 (1950’s) – A 2500 pound gorilla that produced engineering drawing from aperture cards.

914 Copier (1960’s) – The Cinderella Fella, Turned Haloid Xerox into Xerox Corporation.

813 Copier (1960’s) – Would you believe a 200 pound desktop copier??  World’s first desktop.  Soon to be seen in Men in Black III.

Various Xerox Related Mugs – Black coffee, tea, or toner?

Showcase of Various Items found at the Xerox Historical Archives