Written by:
Matthew J. Volpe
Smart Press Production Consultant & National Customer Trainer
Xerox Corporation

Many print professionals have heard of G7 but are not exactly sure what it is.  So, what exactly is G7? G7 is an IDEAlliance registered trademark – “G” for its focus on the color gray and the “7” ink solids specified in ISO 12647-2. It is a gray scale specification AND a calibration method that has roots in offset. The main goal of a production G7 press run is to match an accurate G7 proof. It’s a specification that provides formal colorimetric definitions for neutrality (gray balance) and tonality (darkness, lightness, and contrast of an image). Plus, it is also a calibration method that adjusts gray balance and tonality to meet the G7 specification.

What does becoming a G7 Master Printer mean to you? Becoming a G7 Master Printer simply states  that a facility has calibrated it’s equipment and systems to G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves and is capable of delivering G7 proofs and print products. One important fact to remember is that becoming a G7 Master Printer is a qualification/designation, not a certification. Valid for 12 Months not 2 years.

What are the Benefits of G7?

This methodology yields a consistent appearance regardless of who prints it, where it’s printed, or what technology is being used. Gray balance definition is the same for any imaging system, regardless of substrate, colorant, or screening technology. It provides an enhanced basis for process control in any color imaging system, without additional color management.

So, who really wants G7?

Advertising Agencies and Print Buyers don’t like surprises. They want proofs to match press prints AND want proofs to look the same from one proof to another.  They also desire a consistent, predictable appearance regardless of who prints it, where it’s printed, or what technology is being used.

Then, there are the Print Providers. Print providers need to satisfy existing customers AND attract new business. They also require better manufacturing process control systems, faster turnaround, lower cost, AND consistent, predictable results.

Xerox is Proud to Offer G7 Consulting and G7 Master Designation Printer Services

Whether you have Xerox presses or offset, our Certified G7 Experts will train and educate your staff on the G7 Specifications. We will recommend, document, and implement Standard Operating Procedures, validate that your print engine qualifies for G7, prepare and submit your G7 Master Printer application.

Would you like to increase your customer base, quality, productivity and bottom line by using the G7 method?