Written By Joel Basa
eMarketing Manager
Xerox Corporation

My alma mater, the Rochester Institute of Technology, recently announced it has changed the name of its “School of Print Media” to the “School of Media Sciences.” The word “Print” is no longer included. As a university that has seen many of its Alumni become leaders in the Graphic Communications and Print Industry, I think this is a key indication of the transforming nature of the industry.

The name change is just not on the surface. According to RIT’s Chris Bondy, “This new, strategic shift will leverage our respected and historic foundation in print media to incorporate a ‘print-plus’ approach, that includes insights and understanding in the areas of the Web, mobile and social media, complementing the precision and technical understanding of the printing industry.”

The phrase ‘Print-Plus” is the critical term here. The focus is no longer a single printed communication vehicle. Content and data are shared through various channels now and “Printers” have become “Architects” of how data is disseminated to its target audience.

I personally agree that this was a needed change for RIT. It is important that educational institutes that shape the leaders of the print industry (or should I say media industry) shift their curriculums. What are your thoughts on this?