On Demand BooksWritten By By, John Conley
Vice President of Publishing
Xerox Corporation

On Demand Books has announced a partnership with Eastman Kodak Company and ReaderLink to provide photo books through the KODAK Picture Kiosks.  This is great news for the photo book market as well as the book publishing market.

Both photo books and on demand self publishing books are solutions that are aimed at meeting the growing customer requirement of “what we want, when we want it, the way we want it.”

This is a benefit that the Espresso Book Machine (EBM) and its supporting software technology uniquely bring to the consumer retail experience.  This agreement will further enhance the growing reputation and value of On Demand Books’ EBM solution in both photo and books.

This new growth channel for the EBM solution is also great news for us.  Xerox is both a channel partner and an investor in On Demand Books.  We have worked hard to help increase the visibility of On Demand Books and to investigate all of the potential opportunities and sales channels where the EBM technology can create an exciting and profitable retail experience.

I believe this opportunity will further enhance the On Demand Books and EBM brand while at the same time create a second channel for sales – which Xerox views as complimentary to the book stores, libraries and universities where many EBMs are located today.  The different needs and purchasing practices of end users is one of the reasons why EBM will succeed in various settings.

Xerox will continue to support these kinds of efforts because we support books ~ and their long shelf life.

So, what would drive you, as a consumer of photo or published books, to a retail outlet to try out this technology?