Picture Perfect: Thriving with Photo Publishing and Digital Print

Happy World Photo Day!
In the time it took you to read that simple phrase, approximately 412,000 photos were taken around the world. Not shocking, since practically everyone with a smartphone is now a photographer.Xerox_IG_pp_1
What are we doing with all these pictures? Most of them remain digital. They sit idle on our smartphones, shared through text messaging and on social media networks such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat.
But advancements in digital printing technologies are changing that. Gone are the days of printing a stack of photos and gluing them into a book. Today, memories can be made into timeless keepsakes such as calendars, greeting cards, photo books and more!
And many organizations in the photo industry are cashing in. By offering online storefronts and self-service kiosks, consumers can order these products from the convenience of their own home – whenever and however they’d like.
In fact, by 2019 an estimated 814 million photo books, calendars and cards will be purchased each year by consumers.

So how will your print company profit?

By offering outstanding quality…quickly. And of course making it easy for your customers to place orders.
Having a closed-loop, integrated workflow in place will not only help your customers get their photo merchandise as seamlessly as possible, but will also provide you as the printer with the highest productivity possible (think more print jobs processed on a daily basis).
It’s also important be creative with substrates and sizes, inspiring your customers to dream bigger and do more with their photos.

Industry best practices

How are other companies thriving in the photo publishing space? Here are three examples from winners of the Xerox Best-of-the-Best competition, who captured awards in the Photo category:
Artes Graficas Integradas (AGI) from Argentina

  • Photographer Leticia Quappe wanted a book to accompany her exhibition, Friends & Dogs, which captures the relationship and bonding between her friends and their dogs. Artes Graficas Integradas (AGI) was able to cost effectively produce 60 copies on its Xerox® Versant® 2100 Press, establishing a new service offering for both Quappe and AGI. Check out the full case study.

Jubels in the Netherlands

  • Photographer Robin Butter wanted a distinctive design and format for a book presenting her award-winning collection of photography on Dutch gun culture, It Takes My Mind Off Things. Jubels worked with her and Dutch photo book designer Sybren Kuypers to produce an edgy, open-spine-bound book that helped extend the reach and appeal of her work. Check out the full case study.

Yamazen Communications Co., Ltd. in Japan.

  • Yamazen Communications recommended an innovative way for the Bandai Candy Toy Business Unit to boost its business: whenever they sold a decorated birthday cake, include an offer to create a photo book that can include Bandai-licensed characters to commemorate the occasion. The business succeeded; in the first year, more than half of those who ordered cakes bought photo books. Check out the full case study.

What’s Next?

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Wishing a happy photography day for all of you! Say Cheaaazzzz!

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