Digital Channels to Watch

By |Mar 12, 2018|

Guest post by Heidi Tolliver-Walker

Which channels should you be watching and investing in for 2018? Direct mail continues to remain strong, but digital channels continue to

Print Is Everywhere, Baby!

By |Dec 18, 2017|

These trends are proof there’s still lots of opportunity in print.

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    Tell the Truth: Aren’t Digital Channels “Greener” Than Print?

Tell the Truth: Aren’t Digital Channels “Greener” Than Print?

By |Dec 4, 2017|

Sometimes it’s important for us to back up and ask a more fundamental question: In terms of sustainability, is print a responsible choice? How does it stack up against other marketing channels?

What’s Your VDP Image Checklist?

By |Oct 23, 2017|

Learn 7 tips for using variable data images in production printing.

How Could Informed Delivery Change Mail Over Time?

By |Aug 21, 2017|

Learn how USPS Informed Delivery could change direct mail format and design.

Three Things You Need to Know about Augmented Reality—Now

By |Aug 7, 2017|

Augmented reality (AR) has been nipping around the edges of the marketing-verse for awhile. However, there has been a groundswell of investment and commitment from key players that is changing the landscape. If you haven’t been paying (serious) attention, it’s time to start.

Millennials Love Mail . . . But Why?

By |Jul 24, 2017|

Millennials enjoy the novelty of direct mail because it breaks the monotony of their digitally engaged worlds. They also require a different marketing approach, so if you don’t currently have a “Millennial marketing” specialty, you might want to develop one.

Three Things You Need to Know about Augmented Reality—Now

By |Jun 12, 2017|

Three things you need to know about augmented reality as AR and VR enter the marketing mainstream.

8 Reasons Direct Mail Is Critical in B2B Marketing

By |May 8, 2017|

8 reasons Direct Mail is more effective than Email Marketing.

Are You Ready for Artificial Intelligence in Marketing?

By |Apr 17, 2017|

What is Artificial Intelligence in Marketing and how might it change the way you communicate with customers?