“5 years ago, if someone would have told me I’d be partners with Xerox, I would have told them you were crazy!”

Xerox is now in its third year of building applications and services that bring our customers into the Photo Market.
I will never forget one of first photo partners telling me “5 years ago, if someone would have told me I’d be partners with Xerox, I would have told them you were crazy!” That software provider now has an exclusive partnership with Xerox selling photo software to businesses in Europe, South America, Russia and the Middle East.
The Photo market has changed immeasurably over the last 5 years since the explosion of Digital camera sales. Consumers now own their images and have the opportunity to post photos on the internet, not print at all but just view on a computer or if they do print they have even more choice!
Do they print traditional photo prints or do they go for these smart funky photo books? Xerox hopes the latter, or a photo calendar, photo greetings card or one of the 100’s of new photo products that can be printed digitally on our printing engines!
How do you print your photos? Do you print at all and do you think Xerox has a place in this market? Did you know Xerox was in this market?

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  1. Craig December 7, 2009 -

    We currently do not print photo books, but we do photo calendars. As a DC8000AP owner I get a little frustrated that most of the information seems to revolve around the iGen.

    Are there any Xerox partners that support the DocuColor models when it comes to perfect binding? I keep hearing about the difficulties with fuser oils and perfect binding. This has in turn lead me to turn some jobs away, unless they want mechanical binding.

    When it comes to applications, where do I find more information about them? When I talk to my salesman he looks at me like a deer in headlights.

    I think your last sentence hit the nail on the head.

  2. Bill Michael December 14, 2009 -

    Hello there Craig,

    Although I can’t specifically speak to your question on Xerox partners that support perfect binding for your DocuColor (my colleagues will come to the rescue on that shortly!) I can help you find some great information on applications!

    We have a ton of great information on a variety of types of applications (Books and Manuals, Trans Promo, Direct Mail, and Collateral) available at http://www.xerox.com/applications. There are also some case studies available on that link. We are in the process of including a Photo Publishing section, so in the mean time here are links to two case studies that talk about photo applications printed on DocuColor 242/252’s and Xerox 700’s. Harold’s Photo Center and H&H Color Lab

    Please continue to check out this blog, as I will continually be posting interesting stories of award-winning applications that our customers are creating today, and how they are profiting from them!

  3. Ursula Roberts December 15, 2009 -

    Dear Craig,

    Thanks for your response and for investing in Xerox Technology.

    We have over 100 iGen’s in Europe producing photobooks and too many other production colour engines to mention! I am sorry it appears we are focused on iGen. From a marketing perspective, the engines are irrelevant because what is interesting is that our customers– Commercial Printers, Instant Print Shops and copy centres– are cross selling the photo opportunity to their customers! Probably around 25% of our Graphics business is now a photo application!

    I am disappointed that you don’t appear to have been getting the support you need locally. We have lots of online or near line finishing options available immediately (with Fastbind, Duplo. Unibind, Powis, Bourg and many more…). Please email me and I will make sure you get all the information you are looking for ursula.roberts@xerox.com

  4. Lindsay Lamb December 15, 2009 -

    Hi Craig–
    As Ursula mentioned we do have several partners that support our DocuColor product line.

    For perfect binding specifically, we have the Xerox Document Binder 120-D that works inline with your DC8000AP. It is a thermal binder, and works in an offline mode allowing you to print one job and finish another at the same time.

    As for offline options, what I’ve used at shows is the CoverBind 101. I just print a book block, place it in a hard or soft cover that has the glue strip in place, and drop it into the machine to melt the glue.

    Of course, it depends on the volume you are looking at finishing. The offline binder I just mentioned is low volume and more labor intensive.

    Two other near-line options are the Bourg BB3002 and Standard Horizon BQ-270 Perfect Binders. These are great for mid-high volumes and full bleed trim. All of the options have glue that creates a really strong bind, but the BB3002 is a bit stronger which may be better for fuser oil as you mentioned.

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