FreeFlow Print Server and Protecting Your Private Data

When private data is breached for malicious intent, both a loss of reputation and revenue is at stake. There is no doubt that information is an asset that brings immense value to an organization and its protection is critical. At Xerox, the FreeFlow Print Server support and development teams are very sensitive to the concerns customers express about protecting their private data.
So, is private information printed on a Xerox Digital Press completely safe and protected? Absolutely, as long as the proper decisions are made when incorporating devices onto your network.
Some of the major considerations when planning for securing private information printed on Xerox printers with the FreeFlow Print Server is the physical location of the digital printer, who has access (remote and local), and the workflows required to facilitate the printing of private information. The FreeFlow Print Server software can be configured to close all application ports that are not required by a customer printing workflow. Those application ports left open to support workflow can be restricted to trusted remote hosts and users defined by the customer. When you restrict the workflow access in combination with strong encryption methods for those that can access the FreeFlow Print Server system, it makes for a strong level of confidence that private information is protected against malicious intent.
The decision to incorporate printer devices— that receive private information on our intra-network— is extremely important to security conscience customers, and especially those that require compliancy to such standards as PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), or US Government standards. The FreeFlow Print Server’s software incorporates a very rich set of security features with custom controls to lock down network and local user access, and prevent access to private information printed on Xerox printer products. Xerox has successfully gained the confidence of many security conscience customers in the financial services, health services, universities, and government agencies.
Because the management of network and device security can be very complex, it requires strong knowledge of computing and network technologies, and can cause anxiety for those responsible for managing private information that must be protected at all costs; the FreeFlow Print Server team is committed to making our security conscience customer comfortable. Our development teams and highly skilled technical professions focus on security features and customer concerns on a daily basis.
Xerox realizes that the protection of private data is in the best interest of our customers, and our reputation as a world class printing solutions company. We are excited about working with our customers to protect their private information as an important asset, because private data should be kept private.
So what do you think? Are you seeing new security challenges out there today that still require our development teams to focus on? Are security concerns impacting how you do business today? We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Bradley August 12, 2010 -

    Protecting customers data is a crucial part of any corporate sale,and with the recent incidents involving HDD’s being removed out of old MFD’s for data “recovery” has sparked a huge influx of clients now wanting to know if there data is indeed safe and protected i am almost certain this will become more and more of a integral part of the digital print business

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