10 Steps to Effectively Marketing Your Web-to-Print Services

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6 Benefits of Web-to-Print
Web-to-print is transforming the print industry, bringing with it a host of benefits for print providers.
But what about the benefits for your customers? How can you sell your Web-to-print service? A recent white paper from the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) Research Center, “Web-to-print: The Promise, the Potential, and the Reality,” (sponsored by Xerox) has found that some printers are finding it difficult to convince customers of the payback for their own businesses.
Here are 10 Steps to ensuring that your new Web-to-print software never becomes shelfware:
1. Drink your own champagne – Practice what you preach and utilize Web-to-print to market your own print services – illustrating its capabilities for both your customers and salesforce at the same time.  Demonstrate its potential by initiating a personalized marketing campaign to invite people to an open house or thought leadership workshop.
2. Use customer case studies to demonstrate the potential – Turn your Web-to-print success stories into living examples of how your company can help customers by promoting your case studies and enabling prospects to imagine themselves in similar situations. Share access to a library of Web-to-print campaigns that you have already implemented for other customers.
3. Focus on your customer needs – Get to know your customer inside out – learn everything there is to know about their business processes, goals and strategy in order to help them to grow and enable you to better provide Web-to-print solutions to their business challenges.
4. Meet your customers regularly face-to-face – Although Web-to-print puts the entire print production process online, when it comes to gaining repeat business, building long-term relationships, and learning from your customers, there is no better substitute than face-to-face interaction. Initiate regular reviews in order to receive feedback and evaluate recent work processes, offer onsite training sessions and help your customers to understand how they can optimize their application of Web-to-print software.
To see steps 5-10, please read the full article, How to Market Your Web-to-Print Service Effectively: a 10-Step Guide

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  1. joannapaul April 14, 2014 -

    Web-to-print is an effective marketing strategy. It does have a good out reach with the customers and also benefits the business that supports it. As the market becomes more competitive it becomes important for us to learn and analyze the state-of-the-art techniques that brings about a successful growth of the company.

  2. Marcus April 15, 2014 -

    As with most industries digital is the main growth area which means the print industry needs to plan and prepare for the future. Having said that having a balanced business plan that does not rely solely on traditional print or web to print is best in my opinion.

  3. Amy February 2, 2015 -

    I can completely relate to this as web to print and print MIS is very important these days and it is a great way to get to the customers and helps the business grow in return.

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  5. Vivek Ghai August 6, 2016 -

    As printing industry is trending, e-printing business owner can’t deny web to print solution as it helps merchants to meet dynamic requirement of their customers by allowing their customer to design their favorite products online. It is based on online design software which is loaded with high quality features thus allowing user to design and buy the product from same platform

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