Have Variability In Your Print Jobs? Smooth it Out!

Written by Tod Viniski,
Manager, Workflow and Solutions Marketing, Xerox

Is your business under an efficiency squeeze?
Our industry is changing. Run lengths are becoming shorter, while the number of jobs being processed each day are increasing. IT Strategies predicts that by 2018, the number of unique jobs you run each day will be twice as high as today
More jobs means more complexity, more touches, and more job-to-job variability, making things difficult on your operators. A business card order, followed by a brochure, and then a book block, followed by, you guessed it, another brochure! It can become quite challenging as the operator has to continually configure the printer and associated media to print each job properly.
What if you could aggregate similar jobs based on your own criteria and build your own release triggers… all automatically?  With the latest release of Xerox® FreeFlow® Core, now you can!
Xerox FreeFlow® Core is the next generation in workflow software from Xerox.  It is an automation platform that helps you eliminate costly touch points from your print manufacturing process.  Built on the latest technology, this browser-based solution allows you to easily and quickly build custom workflows that not only intelligently automate file preparation tasks, but also automate the decision making associated with print production.
The new release of Core brings even more world class automation capabilities to this already best in class solution.  This version delivers advanced output management capabilities, including the ability to ‘Collect’ and ‘Gang’ jobs.  For example, many printers prefer to print the longer run jobs during the B-shift, due to less operator intervention and less support staff being present.  You can tell FreeFlow Core to ‘Collect’ all jobs that exceed a set run length threshold, and then release them all at 5PM.  Maybe you prefer to run business cards 24 orders at a time. Core can ‘Collect’ all business card orders until 24 are received, and then ‘Gang’ all the orders onto a single sheet for optimized productivity.
FreeFlow® Core is not just a job-by-job linear automation system.  It’s smart enough to look over your entire job mix and take automation to new heights by logically grouping similar jobs to increase downstream efficiency.  This is just one of the many benefits of FreeFlow Core.
To experience it for yourself, I encourage you to download a free trial today. To learn more, you can also check out our free informational webinars which run every Thursday beginning in September.

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