Resource List: What to Know About Production Print Workflow Automation

Digital presses and enhanced inks are reliable sources of new revenue for a print business, but print pros know of another profit enhancer – your workflow. Profitability hides in your print production workflow, so it’s up to you to coax it out. The more efficient the process, the less it costs to produce and sell. It’s basic economics that apply to print, too.
Where’s That Next Big Idea?
Whatever you’re already doing about workflow automation, you never know where you’ll find that next big idea. We’ve handpicked these resources for you in hopes of sparking fresh thought processes.
These blogs, webinars and videos dive into different aspects of production workflow. You can learn more about using digital printing workflow software to automate everyday operations, optimize printing investments, and enable new revenue streams through creative products and services.

Digital Printing Workflow Blogs

Top Five Workflow Bottlenecks
You might be surprised to learn that as we increase automation in our print production workflows, we can create new issues or bottlenecks. This blog by Howie Fenton looks at  common bottlenecks.
Tips to Successfully Implement Workflow Automation in a Print Shop
Think workflow automation is too complex, costly and difficult to implement? Hear this general manager’s secrets to getting buy-in and changing company culture.
Workflow Solution Eliminates Bottlenecks, Triples Production
With close to 1,500 web-to-print orders coming in each day, this multichannel print management company turned to an automated workflow solution.
5 Workflow Jams and How to Avoid Them
Here’s a different perspective on production workflow issues. Growing pressure to deliver more jobs in less time places a premium on efficiency with no room for downtime. Here are five of the deadliest workflow killers and tips for turning them around.

Digital Printing Workflow Videos

“Automating Entry Production”
Do your operators repeat similar tasks in slightly different ways? Automation can increase productivity and lower risk of manual errors. This video shows how to accelerate entry production printing with Xerox® FreeFlow® Core software.
“Automate in :60” Series
Got a minute? Find out how to save many more in this short-but-sweet video series on workflow automation.
“PremCom Increases Print Capacity 70% with Workflow Automation”
By eliminating manual steps, PremCom saves up to four hours – half the day! – in processing and prepress time per day with FreeFlow Core.

Digital Printing Workflow Webinars

“Workflow Automation – What Every Printer Needs to Know”
Workflow automation isn’t just for the big or specialized printers. The technology, implementation requirements and costs continue to advance such that even the smallest general commercial printers and in-plants can achieve real benefits. The end result: labor savings in production, labor savings for the customer service team, and more satisfied customers. In this webinar, these experts share their knowledge and experiences in automating printing workflow:

  • Dave Erlandson, PODI & Caslon
  • Chris Bradshaw, AlphaGraphics Utah
  • Tod Viniski, Xerox

How well your operation runs impacts how much work you can send through in a shift. The more work, the more profit. Workflow automation is the grease that speeds that process. Automation was made for print workflows – all of them: business systems, job set up and print production. That makes workflow worth a look.

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