7 ways to use an elevator pitch

Elevator pitches are rarely used in lifts
However you might be surprised at just how many places an elevator can help you. It’s the route to getting prospects interested in you in a lot of different situations.
In my last article, I explained what an elevator pitch was.  I also explained why elevator pitches are so important in the sales cycle. You were given a guide on how to create an engaging elevator pitch.
Now it’s time to look at when you should be using your elevator pitch.

  1. When making cold calls

If you want to have a worthwhile call with a prospect, you have to grab their interest immediately. A good elevator pitch will engage a client. It will make them want to find out more about you and your company. It should be the starting point to a much longer conversation.

  1. At networking events

At most networking events you will have to introduce yourself to a lot of people. They will also hear from a lot of other networkers. The right elevator pitch will make you more memorable than other people. It will maximise your chances of networking success. (If you want the best results from networking, take a look at our recent blog series).

  1. In meetings

If you are meeting with a prospect, chances are you have already spoken to them. So why should you use your elevator pitch again? It’s a great way to remind your prospect why they agreed to meet with you. You can also use the elevator pitch to frame questions that will build the conversation. For instance: “What part of this introduction was it that encouraged you to have this meeting with me?”

  1. As part of sales letters and e-mails

Elevator pitches can make very effective introductions to sales letters and e-mails. In fact, with a bit of extra wording, they can form the full text for a short sales e-mail. Remember to add a call to action at the end.

  1. In brochures

You may feel that an elevator pitch is a bit short for a brochure. I would agree with that. However, the core message of the elevator pitch is one that can be developed to create a compelling introduction to a brochure. You can then use the rest of the brochure space to develop this initial message.

  1. On websites

The home pages of websites often do little to grab a prospect’s attention. Consider developing a good elevator pitch as the basis for the homepage text. This will have a far greater effect than the normal dull text about the features and benefits of a company. Make sure you have a more creative visual than a picture of a press!

  1. During general conversation

I am often asked what I do. I normally use my elevator pitch as the basis of my reply. It can create interesting conversations, even if this is just in a social situation. Plus, it’s a great way to practice and refine your pitch! You may be surprised at how often a conversation like this can also lead to business.
This list shows you how versatile an elevator pitch can be. However, it’s by no means a complete list of where an elevator pitch can be used.  Where else would you use your elevator pitch?

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