New Opportunities with Extended Thick Stock Capability

In an age of personalization, customization and print-on-demand down to a quantity of one, being able to produce a box, a sign or an upscale direct mail piece on a thicker or more robust stock puts you in a unique position. It can help you and your customers to expand your market reach and provide something that previously required multiple steps, and in many instances, sending jobs out to another vendor.
Two years ago, I was excited to share the news of the Xerox Thick Stock capability on iGen. Several customers adopted this solution, but many others expressed a desire to print on stocks up to 24 point/610 micron in addition to the full standard iGen stock range (from 60 to 350 gsm). This would allow them to produce packaging or signage with the strength and rigidity desired of a thick stock, all while maintaining the flexibility to print all the traditional day-to-day applications required – ranging from books and brochures to business cards.
Well now printing on selected stocks from 18-24 point, in addition to all the standard iGen stocks, is available on both the iGen 5 120 and iGen4 110 Diamond Edition presses.
This option for the iGen presses enables feeding, imaging and stacking on selected media up to 24 points or 610 microns, using a Xerox FreeFlow Print Server or EFI digital front end. Keep in mind that without this capability, to achieve the desired thickness, application pieces must be glued together or printed on an offset device.
We also offer a pre-tested list of stocks for customers for both the US and European markets. Want to use something not on that list? No problem. We’ll test your stock to ensure your jobs print as expected.
The Thick Stock capability for iGen is one of many solutions offered through Xerox Production Customization, a group that can deliver solutions for businesses with specialized and sometimes unique production requirements.
Production Customization can modify or enhance standard Xerox production printers or workflow systems to meet an individual, industry or market need.  These solutions include standard Xerox capabilities while adding advanced functionality. The goal is to help you grow your business with new accounts or applications. You may also be able to optimize processes to reduce labor and run costs.
How could these expanded application opportunities impact your and your customers’ businesses?

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