Workflow Solution Eliminates Bottlenecks, Triples Production

What happens when your thriving print business is threatened by bottlenecks and production slowdowns?
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For PremCom, a UK-based multichannel print management company, this was a very real problem. The company was receiving close to 1,500 Web-to-print orders each day, all of which needed to be manually processed and routed to the appropriate print queue.
Anyone who has experience with tedious, inefficient workflow processes can relate to this pain. The greater the number of human touches, the more subjectivity and potential errors that are introduced into the equation. These inefficiencies can drastically drive up organizational costs.
The answer to resolving PremCom’s workflow nightmares could be summed in one word: Automation.
Moving from manual processing to a fully automated workflow powered by Xerox® FreeFlow® Core gave PremCom the ability to process up to 3,000 customer orders a day. It’s an improvement Managing Director Marco Poli calls a major success story for his company – and for any company choosing to implement it.
As Poli reports, “You can have the fastest printers, but you have to get the jobs there.” And fast printers, PremCom has – including the Xerox® Versant® 2100 digital press. Working with locally based Zerographic, a Xerox Partner reseller, and directly with Xerox analysts, PremCom was able to implement their new workflows in about a month – and see the results almost immediately.Premier Freeflow Examples v1 160105-3[2]
“The Xerox analysts were brilliant,” Poli said. “They were supportive, and interested in seeing us succeed.”
PremCom’s FreeFlow® Core implementation works seamlessly with their web-to-print customer portals, giving their established clients a simple, secure way to change or update variable content in their pre-designed documents, and order either small or large runs, depending on their needs. Their clients appreciate the ability to update templates quickly while maintaining a control of branded materials.
On the production side, those orders flow seamlessly to the printers without being interrupted by time-consuming or manual processes.
In fact, Poli said, their new capabilities enabled them to close on a new corporate client with over 500 locations in the UK.IMG_3034e

“All of our processes,” Poli said, “have become a lot more efficient with FreeFlow. We’re able to do more. Customers are blown away by the technology they see, and that’s helped us keep at the forefront of a rapidly changing industry.”

Read more about PremCom’s remarkable transformation in our publication, “Real Talk with PremCom.”

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