How Print Publications Keeps Pace in an E-Everything World

epublishing-stats-xeroxLooking ahead and planning for the future is a critical function for any business.
For a moment, try and envision the year 2021. By then, research suggests that 80% of the world’s population will be smartphone users. With the tap of a finger, digital media will be accessed anywhere and at any time.
For print providers, this can be a scary thought. Is print going away?
Actually, it’s quite the opposite. While some may see obstacles, the most successful print providers are seeing opportunities. These opportunities come in the form of integrating mobile communications together with existing print services.
The end result? Becoming a total communications service provider.

Making the case for a print-plus model

Fortunately, if you’re thinking about evolving your business model beyond print, you’re in good company. In a study of printers across Western Europe and the United States, 73% of those surveyed had either expanded into marketing services, were in the process of doing so, or had near-term plans to start.
And it’s proven to be a worthwhile initiative. InfoTrends has found that print providers with the highest levels of annual growth derive the greatest amount of their revenue from value-added (non-print) services.
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Overcoming traditional hurdles

So we can agree that your customers are seeking experiences beyond print. And we can also agree that onboarding these services is a huge initiative for printers just like yourself.
But when rubber meets the road, key challenges can prove to be insurmountable.
Publishing to today’s digital channels (tablets, phone, web browser) traditionally has required that content be adjusted and optimized for each specific format. Unless you have technical expertise on-site and on-payroll, this is usually a deal-breaker.
Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy solution to serve your customers’ by seamlessly delivering content optimized across multiple channels? Better yet, what if you could do so without straying from the workflow you already have in place for your print jobs?
We’d like to introduce you to Xerox FreeFlow Digital Publisher.31389-wb-en-li-marketingservices-rgb-v3-1

How does it work?

For you, it couldn’t be any simpler. Similar to what happens today, customers will submit print-ready PDF files to you. But in addition, you’ll also ask for the essential multimedia assets that will make their digital edition truly come to life. This can include videos, audio files, live hyperlinks, maps, slide shows, and more.
FreeFlow Digital Publisher does the rest.
In a single workflow, your print jobs will be optimized accordingly with pre-flighting, imposition, and crop marks. Meanwhile, production of your electronic versions will be automated, changing color spaces from CMYK to RGB, down-sampling image quality and creating up to 7 iterations for use across various platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android tablet, Amazon Kindle Fire, PC and Mac).

Which of my customers are prime candidates for digital publications?

Nearly any job you traditionally print today can be transformed and optimized for delivery via digital media. Think newsletters, publications, alumni relations materials, online storefronts and more.
As an example, one growing market that can benefit from electronic presentment of documents are your clients in the education sector.

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Research from McGraw-Hill found that 81% of students use mobile devices to study today. Complimenting hard copy materials with mobile course packs (containing book excerpts, video clips, sound files, diagrams and other materials) can help support course curriculum’s, and represents a huge opportunity for you to serve your customers.

What makes FreeFlow Digital Publisher different?

While some ePublishing software is complicated to use and requires an in-house graphic design team and IT resources, FreeFlow Digital Publisher is quite the opposite. It uses an intuitive design interface that’s easy to use, allowing you to expand your capabilities without investing in technical resources.
All you need is a pre-press operator to run the solution!
And with a cloud-based configuration, it’s also very attainable. Now you can get your workflow up and running quickly and without the upfront investment necessary for server hardware.

Want to Learn More?

It’s never been easier to differentiate your business, position yourself as a forward-thinking partner and take on digital work that otherwise would have gone elsewhere.
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