Three Things You Need to Know about Augmented Reality—Now

By |Jun 12, 2017|

Three things you need to know about augmented reality as AR and VR enter the marketing mainstream.

Social Media Integration Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

By |Mar 8, 2017|

How do you incorporate social media into your next direct mail print campaign? This real-life case study will give you plenty of ideas.

How Print Publications Keeps Pace in an E-Everything World

By |Nov 15, 2016|

What if there was an easy solution to deliver electronic content optimized across multiple channels…using the same workflow as your print communications?

The Power of Personalized Video in Multichannel Campaigns

By |Sep 7, 2016|

Stats show that the effectiveness of video content in multi-channel campaigns is unmatched. Here are examples of how agencies and print providers are putting personalized video to work.

Augmented Reality: It’s Time to Go Swimming!

By |Jun 28, 2016|

3 ways to get started with Augmented Reality and take advantage of USPS postal discounts being offered for using Interactive Print

The PSP-to-MSP Journey: Why it Pays to Differentiate

By |Jun 1, 2016|

Differentiation creates value. Value creates profit. Don’t think you can differentiate your business? Take a lesson from bottled water companies…

We Need More Discussion on Augmented Reality

By |Mar 29, 2016|

Augmented Reality is a mature technology with tremendous commercial applications, many of which are applicable to printers and their customers. Here are 5 examples.

2016: The Year of Social Media Integration (Finally?)

By |Feb 22, 2016|

Examples of ways Marketing Service Providers have incorporated social media as part of their clients’ multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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    Preparing for the Inkjet-Driven Growth in Multi-, Cross-, Omni-Channel Marketing

Preparing for the Inkjet-Driven Growth in Multi-, Cross-, Omni-Channel Marketing

By |Sep 16, 2015|

What does multi-channel, cross-channel and omni-channel really mean – and how is production inkjet driving its growth?

Don’t Be Scared of the Big, Bad SMS

By |Jul 28, 2015|

Why is the world of mobile marketing foreign to many print providers, and what benefits can offering these services provide?