Webinar: Getting Ready for GDPR with XMPie

(Guest post by David Baldaro, Product Marketing Manager, XMPie.)
With the May 25th deadline for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance approaching fast, there’s a lot of doom and gloom in the air. But GDPR doesn’t have to be scary.
To help calm some of the trepidation you may be feeling, XMPie will be hosting a webinar to cover GDPR topics of interest to businesses, such as Print and Marketing Service providers, who handle data on behalf of other organizations.

David Baldaro

Who will the new law affect?
The GDPR is concerned with protecting the personal data and privacy of EU citizens. In case you think that means that GDPR only applies to European countries, think again. It will affect companies and organizations around the world. Any business that handles any data about EU citizens needs to be GDPR compliant.

What does the GDPR Cover?
It requires that companies maintain adequate data records, offer data transparency, disclose data breaches and increase opt-out options. Those not in compliance can be fined up to €20 million.
It covers all kinds of data including behavioral data (such as web browsing or apps downloaded), transaction-related data (such as financial communications), unique identifiers and more; all data points that marketers usually use to build their campaigns. Now it is the consumer who will control the right to access and fix their data.  The GDPR even gives consumers a “right to be forgotten” which is the right to demand that a company delete their personal information.
The GDPR will push data to the forefront of the consumer’s mind.  In the coming years, it will become as important to consumers as pricing and customer service. Businesses, such as those in the print and marketing industry who manage and host data on behalf of others, who can prove to their clients that they can handle their data correctly will stand above the competition.
Webinar: Getting Ready for GDPR with XMPie
XMPie is hosting a webinar on Jan 30 (11 am EST), that will be looking at the opportunities that GDPR can bring, along with how XMPie is making sure that our software will help our customers to be totally compliant with the new regulations.

Join us to learn:

  • The main elements of the GDPR and what impact they may have on Print and Marketing Service Providers
  • How XMPie is committed to providing GDPR compliance with our products
  • The best practices for operating XMPie software in light of the GDPR
  • Why GDPR will help you to build trust with your customers

Our webinar panel features:

This webinar is relevant for everyone interested in GDPR compliance and particularly XMPie customers who need to be aware of upcoming XMPie software updates that will assist with GDPR compliance.
Register for the webinar here.
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