Special Book Puts On-Demand Personalization to Work

There’s a reason personalization stays on the marketer’s radar. People like it. Customers prefer personalized information. One study found people were 40% more willing to buy from suppliers who provided tailored content than from others who didn’t.
Chief Marketing Officers like personalization so much that 78% of them think custom content is the future of marketing, but they’re having a hard time getting there. Well over half struggle with real-time personalization.
That wasn’t the case when Xerox teamed up with the 92nd Street Y to unveil “Project: Set The Page Free” – a collaborative e-book that unites 14 world-famous writers. When you sign up to download the book, “Speaking of Work”, your action triggers an offer for a customized dedication. Your name appears on the dedication page in a thematic font with other interesting visual elements.
This recent blog by Josie Stein, XMPie Marketing and Communications Manager, goes into more detail about the project and how XMPie made it easy to deliver personalized content. Get your own custom copy of “Speaking of Work”, and see the technology in action.

Books On-Demand with Custom Copies

The personal touch is powered by XMPie’s personalization software. XMPie helped bring the personalized elements to the final product, as well as powering the on-demand eBook, creation and download.
The XMPie personalization went beyond the typical mail merge application. The SetThePageFree.com website interacts with an XMPie web service and API to trigger a personalized email with download format options. Once selected, your personal copy of the book is composed and rendered on demand in the desired digital format.
Get creative with personalization. Read this blog for more ideas.

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