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The New Power of Printed Catalogs

By |Mar 27, 2018|

Guest post by Shelley Sweeney, Vice President/General Manager Service Bureau/Direct Marketing @shelleysweeney 

Direct mail isn’t the only “old school marketing” tool getting second looks today. Catalogs are

Special Book Puts On-Demand Personalization to Work

By |Mar 8, 2018|

There’s a reason personalization stays on the marketer’s radar. People like it. Customers prefer personalized information. One study found people were 40% more willing to buy

Digital Print Evangelist Spawns from Comics Convention

By |Jun 19, 2017|

How one printer used a local comic convention to educate a community of creators on the opportunities with on-demand publishing.

The Case for Bringing Color Trade Book Production Back Home

By |Feb 6, 2017|

On-shore and on-demand. That can be the future for color trade books if more publishers and book printers adopt high-speed production inkjet technology.

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    How Inkjet and In-Line Finishing Impact Book Production Costs

How Inkjet and In-Line Finishing Impact Book Production Costs

By |Jan 9, 2017|

Thirty years ago, there was only one way to manufacture books – offset printing technology. Today, there’s a new way. Say hello to inkjet.

Q&A Sheds Light on E-Books Vs. Hard Copy

By |Nov 17, 2016|

With the growth in e-books, anyone printing textbooks (or any form of educational material) has reason for concern. Are e-books taking over hard copies?

Inkjet Printing on Coated Stocks is within Reach

By |Sep 27, 2016|

Game-changing ink-set enables inkjet printing directly onto traditional offset coated stocks, eliminating the need for pre- or post-paper treatment.

3 Innovations Making Personalized Catalogs a Reality

By and |Jun 2, 2016|

With customized catalogs driving 3-times greater revenue than static catalogs, it’s no wonder cataloguers are looking for personalized solutions. Traditionally, that has been out of reach…until now.

Why Different Cross-Over Points for Books?

By |Apr 21, 2016|

The factors that determine why different companies have different cross-over points for book production

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    Book Publishers Gather to Discuss Impact of On-Demand Printing

Book Publishers Gather to Discuss Impact of On-Demand Printing

By |Mar 31, 2016|

Book publishers gathered in Verona, Italy to discuss the impact on-demand digital printing of books can have on their market share and profitability.