Xerox Technology Helps Make Sweet Music at Rochester Jazz Festival

Guest post by Karen Cole, Xerox Global Product Marketing Manager (WSBG), Light Production, EFI-Fiery and Solutions 
If it’s June, it’s time for the Rochester International Jazz Festival. And it’s also time for Xerox to step up and help out with resources to benefit the celebration. Since 2002, the event has been held in downtown Rochester, New York, and it’s become one of the nation’s most respected music festivals.

Karen Cole, Xerox

  • 1500+ artists
  • 20 venues all within walking distance
  • 320+ concerts including 94 free shows and events

The festival is presented in three series of Headliner, Club Pass and Free Shows with nightly jams and workshops for young musicians.
The festival attracts music lovers from around the world, and attendance grows each year, from 15,000 in 2002 to more than 205,000 in 2017. Keeping up with appropriate passes and tickets for so many people is never easy, but it’s made easier with technology from Xerox and XMPie. In our ninth year as title sponsor, we use our technologies to help behind-the-scenes festival processes run smoothly while delivering a memorable, personalized experience for over 200,000 fans.

Catch the C60/70 and XMPie Medley at Jazz Festival

Attending the Jazz Festival on behalf of Xerox is the Xerox Color C60/C70 Printer. Normally you’d see this system in small to medium-size commercial print shops, K-12 and higher education campuses, and other in-plant print shops. At the festival, you will find it behind the scenes contributing ticket by ticket to a good event experience.
Club Pass holders get passes printed with names and photos using a workflow process designed by Xerox and powered by XMPie UStore and VDP software. Jazz fans get a unique keepsake, and the card also makes them eligible for prizes at the merchandise tent on Jazz Street. They bring the card to a reader to reveal one of four prizes. Digital personalization allows easy replacement if a pass gets lost. Security aspects built into the ticket give the customer relief knowing that their ticket can’t be reproduced.
The three-step process starts either online or in the ticket shop. The festival expects to print thousands of personalized customer guest passes. Ticket sales clerks run the customer-facing process at the event, but since it’s web-driven, users can also just log in and create tickets online with the XMPie UStore. UStore Store Front just involves personalized web programming, so with resources in place, the process can be up and running in only hours.

Personalized Passes and Smart Prize Cards

Opportunities abound for growing business with a digital color press. Personalized event passes and smart prize cards represent the “packaging of the future” because they can store, sense, compute and communicate information.
This added intelligence can:

  • Provide product info like expiration dates and serial numbers
  • Reduce counterfeiting
  • Enhance product tracking
  • Improve brand management

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