Prometheus: Prequel to Aliens & the sweet sounds of Xerox Technology

Written by Diego Pereda
Social Media Program Manager
Xerox Corporation

Promotions for the movie Prometheus are in full swing right now;  it looks like the type of movie I enjoy, it has some sci-fi sprinkled with suspense, a small dose of terror and enough blockbuster sounds and effects to keep you entertained for 2 hours.  Production PrinterPlus, it is the prequel to one of the all time greatest movies in the genre, Aliens.
Yesterday, I read this article from Wired Magazine talking about the sounds of the movie; it has video interviews with the sound effects professionals from the movie talking about how they created the amazing sounds for the movie.  As an engineer in a former life but still quite the geek I found the story quite fascinating.  The fact that they used Xerox equipment to make some of those sounds made me think of my days as a Xerox design engineer and the sounds that I encountered while working on the lab.
I am sure many of those sounds could make it into movies as robots, mechanical doors, propulsion engines, etc.  I asked my friend Christina Vullo to walk to the Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation lab and record some of these sounds for us.  Click on the mp3 file, close your eyes and imagine you are on a space exploration mission, what images come to mind when you hear these sounds?

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  1. Greg June 14, 2012 -

    In the right (wrong?) context, some of those sounds are absolutely horrifying. I’ll show my printer a little more respect from now on.

  2. Diego Pereda June 14, 2012 -

    Greg, context is the key, for an design engineer sounds can help define what is going on with a specific mechanical system. For a movie sounds effect professional it may open a world of possibilities, some of them horrifying…. (I am a Xerox employee)

  3. Everett Harris June 14, 2012 -

    Funny, in this context, I remember these sounds in the original Alien movie, I wondered why they were necessary when they were showing information being displayed on a crt. Yet it added so much to the atmosphere, being aboard a spaceship, and it just sounded like technology. (I am a Xerox employee)

  4. Diego Pereda June 15, 2012 -

    Hello Everett, this whole world of movie sounds is fascinating. Until now I had not given it much thought (I just sat, watched and enjoyed) but now I’ll be paying attention to these dounds as maybe some of them came from mechanisms I designed! (I am a Xerox employee)

  5. Daniel Delepiani June 15, 2012 -

    Simply amazing, I have never had thougt these kind of sounds coming from a printer machine could be used in a movie about aliens, ships and space…!!! Great imagination. (Current Xerox Emplyee)

  6. Diego Pereda June 15, 2012 -

    Thanks for your comment Daniel, yes sound engineers and movie sound editors have to be one of the most creative people in the world. Glad you enjoyed the post (I am a Xerox employee)

  7. Steve June 15, 2012 -

    Great, now I’ll never be able to sit in the demo room printing reports at 0600 again 🙂

    It’s amazing how some of these sounds, that I hear everyday on the job, can be used in such a way.

  8. Glenn June 17, 2012 -

    Never seen a better post!

  9. Diego Pereda June 17, 2012 -

    Steve, I would make sure all the lights are on. You never know which Alien will be coming out one of our machines at 0600.

    Glenn, thank you so much for your kind words. There are better posts out there but I’ll take it! 🙂 (I am a Xerox employee)

  10. Himanshu Chauhan June 20, 2012 -

    Amazing,will share the sound recording with my CC team . Xerox is simply amazing. ( From India, Xerox customer care support Team)

  11. Diego Pereda June 20, 2012 -

    Thank you Himanshu, don’t just share the sound recording, share the whole post! We do really amazing stuff at Xerox all over the word, thank you for engaging with us all the way from India! (I work at Xerox)

  12. Yadira Suarez June 21, 2012 -

    Wowa. Can’t be believe a Xerox MFP was used to reproduce sounds for a sci-fi movie.
    I will pay attention to the sounds when I watch this movie.
    I will sure share the news with friends and co-workers. (Xerox employee)

  13. Diego Pereda June 26, 2012 -

    Thank you Yadira, yes the sounds of our MFPs are very amazing, from the electronic systems that beep to mechanical systems that move paper and other things. I can’t wait to watch the movie either! (Xerox employee)

  14. Digital Printing July 11, 2012 -

    Xerox technology is really great.

  15. Jenny July 24, 2012 -

    I bet this movie is really a must-see. I’ll surely buy a copy for this. I am intrigued about those things you mentioned about it.

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