The Beauty of Pre-Show Setup

For every trade show, our customers always walk in to see a bright white nicely branded Xerox booth with smiling Xerox folks waiting to have a conversation with them. What they never see is the craziness that happens before the show begins!
Today I am at the convention center helping get the Xerox booth ready for PMA in Anaheim, California, and thought I’d entertain you with some beauty shots of the booth pre-show.

The Xerox booth with calzones, fork lifts, ladders, calzones, cables, plastic wrap and masking tape galore.

One of our Xerox 700s in pieces waiting to be installed.
Once the machine is all set we will begin calibrating, testing our samples, and saving the job settings within our RIP. We have some really unique samples to show including a mixed job on the Xerox 700 that is a saddle-stitched book with cover stock, text pages, and an engineering z-fold (11” x 17” z-folded into 8.5” x 11”) inserted in the middle.
I will be updating this post with images of the booth again, so stay tuned!
UPDATED: A photo of the Xerox booth during the show, after all of the hard work during setup!

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