Can you run lightweight paper on your Continuous Feed Printer?

We recently launched a Lightweight Paper Kit for our Xerox 650/1300 Continuous Feed Printer: We can now print on substrates, in some instances, as light as 27# or 40gsm!
The addition of lightweight paper capabilities is very important to book printers who want to get to a lighter book that weighs less and costs less to ship, as well as those printing transactional and TransPromo documents looking to save on postage. This lightweight paper can be used as packaging outsets and inserts (such as the instructions for pharmaceuticals), classified advertisements, financial prospectuses, and many more applications. Books, booklets, and directories can all be printed on this lightweight media so you can complement or even free up the offset presses for more appropriate work and volumes.
Getting the toner from digital printers to stay on lightweight media has been a common obstacle and when you go to a lightweight paper, you can run the risk of wrinkling it. We have been able print on media as light as 27# (or 40 gsm) with the image quality and flat sheet output. Customers that have seen the system run at our Gil Hatch Center for Customer Innovation in Webster, NY or at our Continuous Innovation Centre in Paris, France and any one of our recent Trade Shows, have been impressed with how well this stock runs.
One reason we can print lightweight using our continuous feed printers is because they use flash fusing— a technology that uses light, not heat to fuse toner to paper. The flash of light doesn’t have any impact with the paper; instead, the toner absorbs energy from the light and adheres to the media. The toner stays; and no wrinkles are formed. Flash Fusing technology also allows the Xerox 1300 Continuous Feed Printer to successfully run specialty medias like integrated cards, adhesives, tip-on cards, pressure seal and more. Whether you run light, standard or heavyweight media – you will see a high quality, flat output sheet that runs more reliably through post-processing devices like folders, inserters, etc.
The Lightweight Paper Kit allows you to use more media types and weights to run more types of applications on a Xerox 650/1300 Continuous Feed Printer with the same image and output quality expectations in shorter turnaround times. And you will be able to better utilize your complete print shop capabilities while staying competitive in the market and capitalizing on new opportunities! If you want a print sample of this lightweight paper from one of our Xerox 650/1300 Continuous Feed Printers, be one of the first 10 readers to comment below about your business need (or potential uses) for lightweight paper and I’ll send one to you!

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  1. P. van Schaik August 31, 2010 -

    As Application Specialist, I’ll be happy to receive a kit to interest dutch prospects for it!

  2. Mark Hunt August 31, 2010 -

    It’s worth noting that imaging a lightweight paper web is just the first step. The continuous form then proceeds to the challenges of cutting, stacking, folding, even saddlestitching. Digital webs that use heat to fix toner to the paper are often equipped with a damping system to add moisture back into the sheet, for smooth downstream processing. Flash fusing does not dehydrate the stock, so the sheet retains body and builds up less static, for easier handling and fewer problems. Even then, lightweight papers vary widely: one 40 gsm stock may not run reliably, while a different 38 gsm sheet will run flawlessly. Special technique is required to manage lightweight paper through the cutter and stacker, to produce clean stacks. At Standard Hunkeler, we strongly recommend live testing with your intended sheet to insure quality results.

  3. Lindsay Lamb August 31, 2010 -

    Great add Mark!… Thank you! We work with continuous feed prospects and customers to test their application and media to ensure the media can run through the entire print production line.

  4. Thijs August 31, 2010 -

    Interesting but nothing new. Established manufacturers like Océ have been doing this for years already on their VarioStream series.

  5. Stephen Bell July 17, 2016 -

    I advertise in publications but rather than take a page, half page etc, I have an insert into to magazine cover. The maximum weight is 20gr which gives me effectively 4 pages A4. I am trying to optimise this by advertising more product on 2 sheets of A2, effectively giving me 8 A4 pages for my maximum 20gr insert. The publication has a circulation of 7000 copies so I would print 8000 to keep the balance as flyers. What will the quality be in relation to the 80gr paper currently used?

    • Bill Michael July 18, 2016 -

      Hello Stephen –

      Happy to assist. Just to confirm, are you asking what type of print quality can you expect from a continuous feed/inkjet system when printing on a 20gsm substrate in comparison with 80gsm substrate?

      Bill (Xerox)

  6. Charles July 21, 2016 -

    I would like some manuals printed locally on lightweight paper (something like 40 gsm) but I’m having difficulty finding companies that offer this service (usually they say that their lightest paper available is 80 gsm). Are you aware of any companies in London that offer printing on lighter paper?

    • Bill Michael July 21, 2016 -

      Hi Charles – thanks for taking the time to write. One of the biggest benefits to our Xerox CiPress Inkjet System is the fact it is a waterless printing system. Because the waterless, or solid ink, does not absorb into the paper fibers – and instead sits atop the surface – it enables us to print on extremely light-weight stocks – as low as 29gsm on some substrates

      While there are no installations in the UK, we do have customers using this technology in Belgium, France and Sweden. If you’d like me to email you with their specific contact information – please let me know.

      Bill (Xerox)

      • Charles July 21, 2016 -

        Hi Bill, thanks for the quick response! I would definitely be interested in the details of someone using this tech in France.

        • Bill Michael July 22, 2016 -

          My pleasure, Charles – I’ll reach out to you via email shortly with information and contact details.

          All the best,

          Bill (Xerox)

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