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    Picture Perfect: Thriving with Photo Publishing and Digital Print

Picture Perfect: Thriving with Photo Publishing and Digital Print

By |Aug 19, 2016|

Digital technology has drastically transformed the photo imaging industry – while also creating new opportunities for print providers everywhere. Will you cash in?

Where are the Growth Opportunities in Printed Packaging?

By |Jul 28, 2016|

See how digitally-printed packaging can help brands increase speed to market while battle waste, warehousing costs and supply chain complexities.

QR Codes to AR: The Right Approach for Mobile?

By |Jul 26, 2016|

Using QR Codes that lead to AR experiences: Good idea or bad?

Augmented Reality: It’s Time to Go Swimming!

By |Jun 28, 2016|

3 ways to get started with Augmented Reality and take advantage of USPS postal discounts being offered for using Interactive Print

Get Ahead of Digital Packaging Trends

By |Jun 9, 2016|

Rather than deal with extra steps and materials, we’ve developed ways to digitally print directly onto packaging of nearly all shapes, materials and sizes.

Best-of-the-Best Winners Showcase Industry’s Vitality

By |Jun 8, 2016|

Want evidence of the vitality in today’s graphic communications industry? Look no further than this year’s Xerox Best-of-the-Best award winners.

Finally, Add Low-Cost Intelligence to Packaging

By |Jun 6, 2016|

Making packaging smarter: Examining a low-cost way to add intelligence and security to packaging

drupa 2016: Week One Recap

By |Jun 2, 2016|

The ‘Olympics’ of the print and graphic communications industry opened its doors this week. What drew the biggest buzz?

3 Innovations Making Personalized Catalogs a Reality

By and |Jun 2, 2016|

With customized catalogs driving 3-times greater revenue than static catalogs, it’s no wonder cataloguers are looking for personalized solutions. Traditionally, that has been out of reach…until now.

The PSP-to-MSP Journey: Why it Pays to Differentiate

By |Jun 1, 2016|

Differentiation creates value. Value creates profit. Don’t think you can differentiate your business? Take a lesson from bottled water companies…