Written by Bert Salter, Business Development Manager at EU Services.

For the past three years, EU Services has been privileged to participate in DMA’s major conference for direct marketing professionals as a Premier Partner of Xerox Corporation. This year DMA10 is in San Francisco and we’re headed there this weekend to Xerox Booth 2012.

EU_Services_PostCardTo drive traffic to our booth, we developed a really fun pre-show integrated campaign using direct mail, email, QR codes, and personalized URLs. We offered a 15-month personalized calendar utilizing variable imaging. The post card mailed on September 30th and gave all recipients up until October 5th to place their order. At close of business on October 5th, we had generated 78 visitors to the personalized landing page – a 4% response rate, and had 65 orders placed – an 83% conversion rate. And for the first time, 6 people used the QR codes to place their order. We’re excited about this response and cannot wait to meet everyone when they come to pick up their calendars at our booth next week.

We’ll let you know our thoughts on the show itself and the fabulous Xerox representation.

See you there!

EU Services provides Direct marketing services for customer acquisition, customer loyalty and customer engagement programs and is based in Rockville, MD. You can find them on the web at www.euservices.com and their blog at blog.euservices.com