Live Blog: Xerox Premier Partner Congress at drupa 2012

We’ll cover a live blog featuring Xerox CEO Ursula Burns and President of Graphic Communications Jeff Jacobson. Please stay tuned. Coverage will start at 4:00 PM
Hello drupa attendees and “virtual” attendees. We’re at the Premiere Partner Congress in Dusseldorf on Day 1 of drupa. Lots of excitement in the room with so many big announcements and buzz! From Xerox this includes the new Xerox iGen 150 and CiPress 325. We also announced Xerox Automatic Inline Finishing and Automatic Offline Finishing.
We’ll get started in about 5-7 minutes.
Here we go: 20 nationalities present at the Congress.
4:02: Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Germany, France all represented.
4:08: Ursula Burns and Jeff Jacobson will taking the stage now.
4:09: First question to Ursula, “Where is Xerox from a strategy perspective?” Ursula responds with, “We are a 140,000 Employees Strong. The leader in Business Process Outsourcing and technology for the print industry. We are global. We have an amazing brand. We are strong and getting stronger everyday.”
4:11: Ursula comments on Technology: “Xerox is a company that its history, its soul, its foundation is around Technology. It’ll be part of us as long as customers need it. As long as there is a need for document technology…then Xerox will provide it.”
4:14: Ursula, “The stronger our technology business is the more access we have to our clients for other services. We’ve taken the core that we have in a way that clients feel comfortable doing more work. We are growing both our services business and our technology business.”
4:16: A quick photo.

4:18: Jeff Jacobson speaking now, “I spend one day a week with customers. I learn so much from customers and this is what the Premier Partner program is all about.” Jeff commenting how he was impressed with Xerox and honored how Xerox pursued him to join their, “winning organization.”
4:20: Jeff commenting, “There are about 50 trillion pages and the vast majority are not printed digitally. That is a huge opportunity for a company like ours.” “Print will serve as the ignitor for other forms of media.”
4:22: Ursula speaks of “High Value Pages” including cross media campaigns created with tools such as XMPie.
4:25: Jeff speaking of how data and managing of data is essential for printers todays. Its almost a Information Technology Function. Ursula chimes in about the need for mobile, cloud and security in today’s world and “we are a place where we think of these things as a whole and try to easily package them for specific applications.”
4:27: Packed house

4:28: “Where do you see inkjet and toner based engines?” Jeff comments, “There is a place for both. drupa 2012 is the inkjet drupa and so was drupa 2008. I think we are in the very onset of the inkjet battle and I think its very important to jump in now. It may be a little early for significant investment in inkjet. I would not change my entire shop now.”
4:32: Jeff says, “The way I measure success is increasing profitability year of year. So my goal is the same as our customers.”
4:34: About to wrap up here. Ursula, “We have to be prepared to change and same with you. Lastly, be prepared to learn. This community of practice, Xerox Premier Partners, will help us solve problems together. We want to hear from you and we want to learn from you. To innovate, to expand, to learn.”
That’s a wrap folks. Please share our thoughts on what Jeff and Ursula shared. Also, please be sure to share your thoughts on Twitter using #xeroxdrupa.

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