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Seven tips for a new print sales rep

By |Oct 9, 2017|

Many sales people in the print industry are thrown in at the deep end. If you are new to the print industry, this can be a scary way to start a job. But it can also be very beneficial for both you and your company.

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    What makes an ideal print sales person – and the most dangerous skill a sales person can have

What makes an ideal print sales person – and the most dangerous skill a sales person can have

By |Sep 18, 2017|

More and more printing companies are struggling to find experienced print sales people. The trouble lies in the fact that the traditional print sales model no longer works. In today’s market, there are three skills that every hunter sales person should possess.

Millennials Love Mail . . . But Why?

By |Jul 24, 2017|

Millennials enjoy the novelty of direct mail because it breaks the monotony of their digitally engaged worlds. They also require a different marketing approach, so if you don’t currently have a “Millennial marketing” specialty, you might want to develop one.

Improve sales success on the phone by simply slowing down

By |Jun 26, 2017|

Print salespeople tend to speak too quickly on the phone. Learn to slow down with tips from inside sales expert Lynn Hidy.

Will the Current Administration Impact Print Outsourcing?

By |Jun 7, 2017|

How could the current presidential administration’s views on outsourcing impact in-plant printing facilities?

How to Convert Social Media Connections into Customers

By |May 22, 2017|

How to smoothly transition an online social media prospect into an offline real-world sale.

Which Social Media Connections Are Potential Customers?

By |Mar 27, 2017|

It’s impossible to develop relationships with all your social media connections. This article will help you determine which are actually worth your time.

The Best Way to Engage Prospects on Social Media?

By |Feb 20, 2017|

How do printing companies kill any shot at business with a prospective customer on social media? Here’s the Do’s and Don’ts of social media engagement.

The Biggest Sales Letter Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them

By |Feb 1, 2017|

It’s hard for a sales letter to drive business when it’s laying in the bin. Here are common sales/marketing letter mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Every Good Sales Letter Has 3 Vital Elements. Does Yours?

By |Jan 25, 2017|

What traits do the best customer-facing sales/marketing letters share?