The Next Generation of Workflow Solutions

Written by Tod Viniski
Worldwide Marketing Manager, Workflow & Solutions, Xerox Corporation

The print marketplace is maturing.  Print technology is getting harder and harder to differentiate.  So what are your business strategies and priorities for the next 2–5 years? How can you truly stand apart and be in the best position for future success?
In a mature market, operational efficiency is a great place to start. If you are going to outlast your competition, you need to produce better output, quicker and cheaper. But how? What tools are available that can deliver higher quality output, higher productivity, all while reducing costs?
The answer is… Xerox® FreeFlow® Core.
Xerox FreeFlow CoreToday we announce the worldwide launch and availability of the newest software offering  from Xerox®: FreeFlow® Core. This browser-based solution intelligently automates and integrates the processing of print jobs, from file preparation to final production. To put it simply, it does the work for you…automatically.
Imagine simply dropping a 1-up PDF document into a Core hot folder and then without any other intervention the file is pre-flighted for key quality levels, modified to meet shop requirements, imposed to match desired output, fully programmed and sent to the printer with a custom banner page identifying unique finishing and routing instructions. And all this happens automatically.
Maybe you get a list of orders from your website or a key customer account. Core can be customized to read and process your order manifest. Once the system is configured, simply drop the data file with your orders and Core will do the rest. Picking up files from remote repositories, merging multiple files into a single document, imposing, programming, and printing each job. Imagine hundreds of short-run jobs going from your order system to being distributed across your fleet of printers in a matter of minutes. It’s all possible today.
Core takes touch points out of your prepress and press operations. This reduces the variability in your process thus delivering more consistent quality. Your productivity increases because time consuming manual steps are eliminated. And finally, you reduce costs by eliminating expensive manual labor and processing.
Last but not least, the software is modular, configurable, and scalable. Core is made up of 3 modules; the base software as well as optional Advanced Prepress and Advanced Automation modules. This provides you with a range of choices. Start small with the base software and let the solution grow by adding functionality as your business expands over time. Or jump right into the fully featured configuration for the most powerful automation engine in the industry.
How do you view the importance of workflow to your business? What benefits do you see from a flexible, scalable, modular workflow system?

Looking for information on Xerox FreeFlow® Core? Visit or check out a product briefing from PODi

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