Extend your Reach with Digital Editions and Mobile Apps: Introducing Xerox® FreeFlow® Digital Publisher

Written by André Blaakman
Worldwide Marketing Manager, Workflow & Solutions, Xerox Corporation

Xerox FreeFlow Digital Publisher - Content Across Multiple Devices
In the world of publishing, a new era is upon us. All you have to do is turn your attention to the news and it becomes immediately apparent. Newsweek announced back in 2012 that it will end its print publication after 80 years and shift to an all-digital format in 2013.  Lloyds List, a British paper publishing news about the global shipping industry since 1734 and dubbed the “world’s longest-published newspaper”, just recently announced it is going all-digital in December.
Then there are the statistics showing projections that by 2020, 80% of all media will be accessed digitally.  It’s safe to say most content owners and publishers are looking at how to broaden their audience and extend their reach in the digital times of today. While some publishers have opted for the exclusively-digital route, many are delivering content in both digital and print formats.
Whether you call it a hybrid media strategy, Print + “e”, mixed media, cross media publishing – it all drives towards the same thing: the delivery of Print and Digital content to your end customers.
This migration to a Print + Digital strategy is certainly catching the eye of print service providers.  How can they  meet the print and digital needs of their customers and adapt with the times?    How can they get in the game with a new digital revenue stream, but without a huge investment in a new  IT infrastructure, or a legion of  staff on payroll?
Enter… Xerox® FreeFlow® Digital Publisher.
This solution, developed and offered in partnership with GTxcel, complements your print business today by creating new digital revenue streams simultaneously using the same workflow that drives your print.  Digital editions of your print publications are created for Android tablets and smartphones, iPhones and iPads, PC and Mac web browsers… all automatically.
In addition to these digital editions, you can create a native app for the publication, accessible in the major app stores – Google Play, iTunes and Amazon – free or paid subscriptions. Incorporate rich media like videos, audio, slideshows, and surveys, making it more dynamic and interactive.   FreeFlow Digital Publisher takes the PDF file and digital assets and utilizing our newest workflow automation software FreeFlow Core, seamlessly prepares the job for print and converts the job to digital formats readable in web browsers and most mobile device platforms – Android, Apple and Kindle.
FreeFlow Digital Publisher provides a dashboard, allowing print providers to manage the digital publications and add rich media where the customer wants it.  It also provides critical analytics to track readership and clicks by platform, by region, by OS – a host of metrics that helps content owners to optimize future issues.
Imagine the possibilities:

  • An annual report in print and a companion digital edition with a welcome message from the CEO.
  • A print version of the division newsletter and a native app containing current and back issues.
  • Print and digital services for a company kickoff event – including  invitations, directions, special instructions and a host of photos and videos supporting the event.
  • Manuals with how-to part replacement videos, catalogs and enrollment kits

For today’s digital savvy audiences that want content anywhere, any time, and on any device, Digital Publisher is a game changing solution.
How could offering these capabilities impact your relationships with current and prospective customers?  What kind of print, digital and mobile applications can you envision all co-existing harmoniously?

Looking for more information? Check out Xerox FreeFlow Digital Publisher online!

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  1. Takao Matsui October 2, 2013 -

    I am working in Fuji Xerox. I have been involved since 1995 in Digital print bussiness also iGen3.

  2. Richard Tytus October 2, 2013 -

    I think this a great inovation, I just hope that Xerox sees the marketing value and promotes it and not let it get away from them , like they did with mouse.

  3. Bill Michael October 3, 2013 -

    Takao – thank you for sharing, wonderful to hear that you have been involved on such exciting projects!

    Richard – thank you for the feedback, we are very excited for the unique opportunities this solution will enable…especially as consumers continue to seek out content across multiple platforms.

    Bill (Xerox Employee)

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