Reenergized by the Value of Print

By Andrew Copley
President, Global Graphic Communications Operations, Xerox Corporation
Each year, the print industry gathers in Chicago to commemorate another Graph Expo, taking the time to celebrate what’s new and acknowledging what has changed. While it’s true we can spend loads of time talking about the latest technology advancements in digital print, ground-breaking application opportunities or workflow solutions that drastically boost efficiency…it’s equally important to discuss the things that haven’t changed.
Every person that sets foot inside the Graph Expo convention center is quickly reminded and energized by the value of print. You feel the buzz, the excitement, the passion. We’re all here for a common cause: to represent the industry we love in celebration of print.
It’s an exciting time as we watch print undergo an amazing evolution. As brands look for new ways to connect with consumers, print has continually answered the call with innovative ways to add personalization and relevancy. And I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon.
For example, through variable data printing, print providers can help clients leverage the inordinate amounts of data available to produce a truly targeted message, delivered directly to an individual’s doorstep.
Coupled with a call to action or an invitation to connect via social networks, a microsite or QR codes – and one starts to see how print co-exists with digital in ways that are interactive and engaging.
Many print service providers are using novel ways to shape their business to suit the integrated communications market. Digital printing has opened new doors through benefits of print-on-demand, personalization and automated production capabilities. With this, applications such as hardcopy books, direct mail and photo albums are being reinvigorated through niche opportunities and are experiencing growth once again.
In fact, in a recent Xerox survey, the majority of our Premier Partners said they experienced an increased demand in the areas of variable-data printing and Web-to-print. And, one-third of them expect a significant increase of revenue through direct mail (check back tomorrow, we’re sharing key insights from the full survey).
I have no doubt print will continue to evolve, playing  a prominent role in the ever-changing digital marketplace.
What are your thoughts? Let’s share our print successes with each other and keep print’s momentum going beyond Graph Expo. Leave a comment below and be sure to connect with us on Twitter (@XeroxProduction) and Facebook (Xerox Digital Print). I hope to see you in Chicago!

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