5 Tips to Sharpen Your Negotiation Skills at drupa

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Do you plan on attending drupa – the print and multichannel industry’s mecca event – with the intention of improving your business?
If so, you’re not alone. In fact, drupa 2012 saw 42% of its visitors cite ‘immediate investment intentions’ as a result of the show.
Whether you’re new to driving a hard bargain for your business, or simply looking to sharpen your skills, here’s our advice for negotiating like an absolute pro:

  1. Prepare, Don’t Prep

Come to drupa with a short list of exhibitors you’re interested in talking to and learning about. There’s tons of resources to help you compile that list.

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From the information drupa provides on exhibitors to LinkedIn, company websites, annual reports, and blogs – there’s a lot at your disposal.
Once in Germany, spend the early days seeing each vendor’s solutions, talking with their staff and soaking up all the information. With this data in your back pocket, you’ll have a sense of your positioning and bargaining power.

  1. Set Your Sights High

Once you have a good idea of who’s on your immediate list and the kind of offer you can make, go into the negotiation with confidence.
Have two sets of circumstances in your mind: your dream deal and your cut-off point. You can always give up some of that ground if it turns out they have less flexibility than you had hoped.

  1. Think About the Other Person

Remember, there are (at least) two humans involved in every deal. While you certainly want to score a good deal for your business, the person across the table wants the same.
Take their needs and positioning into consideration, and work to find a middle ground. It’s possible to get a great deal for yourself while still helping them come home a hero!
(Oh, And Don’t Forget to Have Fun).
To help you squeeze every drop of value from drupa, we’ve produced a special “Day and Night” guide. Download your copy and get bite-sized networking advice, cultural tips, restaurant recommendations, and guidance on how to best navigate the Messe.
This is just the tip of the iceberg. For more helpful advice, be sure to read “5 Tips for Negotiating Deals at drupa

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