Finally, Add Low-Cost Intelligence to Packaging

As a package converter or brand owner, you’ve got challenges. End-users want more authentic, safe and intelligent products. Meanwhile, companies are feeling the impact of counterfeit goods to the tune of $500 billion annually.*
There are many solutions on the market to address this. However, they are often costly to implement or, when less expensive, the level of security is compromised.
There is, however, a low-cost way to add intelligence with high levels of security to packaging. It’s called Xerox® Printed Memory.

Packaging Made Smarter

Manufactured by a printing process, Xerox® Printed Memory adds intelligence to objects by printing thin circuitry on a flexible substrate. The flexibility offered by this form factor provides a vast range of design freedoms not offered in other solutions. These labels can be placed on the packaging at any stage of the process.
And while they may be tiny, they’re packed with useful capabilities. The non-volatile memory can store up to up to 36 bits, which translates to 68 billion distinct data combinations. And data is preserved until overwritten within a 10-year span. Everything from lot codes and serial numbers to expiration dates and geographic codes can be stored on it.
An inexpensive contact device is used to write and read the labels. To meet the many unique applications and uses, a customized reader can be designed based on user requirements. It can be an external reader to read the memory on packages or it can be integrated into a dispensing unit for use in Smart Consumables.
One of the major advantages of this solution is that you do not need to be on-line to read the memory.   This is important for use where Wi-Fi may not be available or you want to prevent against network incursions. The reader can also interface with an existing smartphone.
Let’s take a look at a few of the ways this technology is being applied.

GTP_XRX-PRT-MEM-2996Brand Protection

Protecting your brand and the contents of your packaging is important in every industry. But it’s critical for those in pharmaceutical, government and any industry concerned with gray market sales, counterfeiting and supply chain integrity.
Xerox® Printed Memory can be used for affordable product authentication, diversion monitoring, gray market tracking and chain of custody.  For instance, pharmaceutical companies can ensure product authenticity to improve patient safety.. Government agencies can minimize fraud using smart, secure tax stamps on tobacco and spirits products. And high-end fashion companies can protect their brand name from being knocked off.
You can also add-in optional tamper-evident adhesives and a cryptographic feature that includes barcodes or QR codes, making this one of the most tamper-proof, anti-counterfeit solutions on the market.
Imagine being able to build-in region, store and distributor codes to check if your distribution channel is in working order. Or how about scanning a high value cosmetic product to verify its contents are authentic? These are just a few of the possibilities with Xerox® Printed Memory.
Of course, the end-user is also a beneficiary as well, having the peace of mind that their product is safe and genuine.

Smart Consumables

Another direct application Xerox Printed Memory is in the smart consumables space to protect and increase the revenue of your refills. Because Xerox® Printed Memory labels can interact with the dispensing device, you are able to count, record time, calibrate, and provide other usage information for the refill cartridge.
Products that have a dispensing unit that accept a refill or consumable can greatly benefit from these solutions. This includes industries like pharmaceuticals, healthcare, high end beauty products, appliances, as well as food and beverage.
Perhaps most exciting is this is just the beginning.
We’re already exploring printed electronics with more advanced capabilities. This will enable packaging of the future, where packaging can store, sense, compute, and communicate information.
Adding intelligence to your packaging is finally accessible for any converter or brand owner. For more on Xerox® Printed Memory, visit us online.


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    Molto interessante. Sono convinto che tra qualche anno sarà una tecnologia che sarà applicata direttamente in qualsiasi processo di stampa. Gli inchiostri conduttivi e alternative di processo offset determineranno le soluzioni operative.

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