Xerox Honored with Legacy Award for iGen Platform

It’s hard to imagine, but not long ago many wondered if the science of digital imaging could be applied to the printing press. We answered this question with the Xerox iGen® platform – a product line that has printed nearly 125 billion pages since the launch of the iGen3.
In the midst of one the United States’ biggest graphic arts events this year – Graph Expo 2016 – experts took a moment to recognize the great influence our iGen product line has had on the graphic communications industry since its inception. Experts awarded the Xerox DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press with the MUST SEE ‘EMS Legacy Award, which honors a product or technology that has had a significant, lasting, and continuing influence on the graphic communications industry.
The launch of the iGen platform offered a game changing opportunity for print service providers to differentiate and grow business with high-quality, digital color printing. We continue to build on the technology with new features and enhancements to arm our customers with the capabilities they need to stay competitive and produce high-quality printed pages that make an impact.igen-legacy-award

Xerox’s Newest iGen Press in Action

Over the last 14 years, The Xerox iGen has helped almost 3,000 of our customers in 59 countries across the world meet their printing demands in ways the industry didn’t think possible.
For example, CCG Marketing Solutions recently added an iGen 5 to their existing Xerox iGen 150s to provide clients with unique coating capabilities for spot, flood or textured effects. The New Jersey-based technology-enabled marketing services provider has been a valued Xerox customer for more than 20 years. CCG supports customers in a variety of industries including retail, automotive, travel and entertainment, beauty and cosmetic, and pharmaceutical.
Additionally, the OTC Group purchased three of our iGen 5 Presses to further expand its folding carton printing capacity in Canada and the U.S. The London, Ontario-based company will use the presses to produce pharmaceutical cartons serving OTC’s Brand Protection process allowing OTC to better meet its clients’ needs for faster turnaround times and dependable color consistency.
The Xerox iGen 5 Press is our latest device built on the award-winning iGen platform, and is the most productive digital press in the industry. Its new Clear Dry Ink that enhances images and adds watermarks or decorative effects to printed pieces such as marketing collateral, packaging materials, business cards, direct mail and postcards, is on display at Graph Expo.igen5-badge-right-highres-cmyk

iGen Over the Years

The product line continued to pack in new features, so much so that there are more than 1,000 patents on iGen devices.
RIT Professor Emeritus Frank Romano remembers when the iGen platform was shown as a technology demo in 2000 under the name FutureColor. “The iGen, in all its forms, has allowed thousands of printers around the world to adopt and succeed in digital printing,” he said. “It has continually advanced in functionality to meet evolving customer needs. It truly has been the future of color printing.
Today, thousands of iGen presses are creating billions of high-quality, high-margin sales brochures, posters, photo books, packaging and pieces of direct-mail – often personalized and always vibrant in color.
Xerox’s award winning technology and application demonstrations was on display this week at Graph Expo. For more information about Xerox at Graph Expo, please visit

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  1. Melissa September 28, 2016 -

    I worked for OTCP till it closed. We ran and packaged the iGen material. Great job and amazing people I worked with. Our people were quality focused. I’m so proud to have worked there.

  2. Brian Ruiz October 23, 2016 -

    The IGEN press is still the benchmark in the industry..

    Brian Ruiz
    Western Region Program Manager


  3. Ernie Redding November 2, 2016 -

    Customers are driving increased volume and higher value print with the new clear enablement and 26 inch sheet size on the iGen5. Xerox innovation leads the industry once again!

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