What to Expect from Your Next Digital Color Press

In the market for a digital color press? Maybe it’s your first, or maybe you need extra bandwidth or higher quality for clients. Are you pleased with the output you get from your existing press? Could it be better, and what would that look like? What more would you want in a digital press, if you were picking one today?
Given the diverse and evolving imaging landscape, it can be a challenge to sort through what really makes sense for your business. Anyone in the market for an entry- or mid-level system has a range of options. So many choices give us plenty to think about. Where are the differentiators? What will help you make an informed investment?
Many shops choose their digital presses for speed. Others look for image quality, stability, and color accuracy. Some digital color press buyers prioritize around growth potential for future work. Uptime and service quality are also typical considerations. But really, you probably want all of these. That makes the decision a multi-faceted one. It’s hard to find answers all at one time or one place, but there’s something that comes close.

Learn from Peer-to-Peer Interviews and a “Deminar”

A new webinar on May 10, “One Digital Press, Total Business Success”, presents both management and operations perspectives on what to look for in a digital color press. In the webinar, Multi Media Services owner, Dan Flatt, and On-Demand Manager, Tony Tulanowski, talk with Chris Bondy, Rochester Institute of Technology Gannett Distinguished Professor. They’ll focus on the role and performance of the Xerox Versant digital press in their business. During the “deminar” portion of the webinar, Tony Tulanowski joins Xerox Product Manager Brian Segnit for a hands-on tour of the Xerox Versant capabilities and advancements.

What Can a Digital Color Press Do for You?

It’s smart to stay on top of both leading technologies and emerging ones, even before you need them, so when the time comes, you make a better, faster decision. Watch “One Digital Press, Total Business Success”, and compare your current state with what’s possible. A digital press sets you on the path to business results like these:

  • Less waste / more saving
  • Higher speeds / faster turn
  • Improved efficiency / more volume
  • More connectivity / feeding – finishing – workflow
  • New print revenues / more jobs

Pick up tips for finding your next digital press or your first. View the webinar for practical answers to your questions and a pragmatic approach to evaluating to your next digital press. With what you’ll learn, you can make an informed decision about a digital color press. In less than an hour, you’ll know more about:

  • Job versatility
  • Performance
  • Productivity
  • Image quality
  • Registration
  • Media flexibility
  • Finishing
  • Calibration
  • Automation
  • High-definition resolution
  • Personalization

Here’s Where a Digital Color Press Adds Value

Many features you’re looking for in a press may line up to what Multi Media Services found in their Xerox Versant press. Whether in-plant or commercial printer, the Versant digital press might be your game-changer, too. Like Multi Media Services, you deserve a press that lets you work faster and smarter with less waste and more capabilities. And the Versant doesn’t disappoint. It adds versatility and productivity, which translate into more jobs.
The Versant was designed to:

  • Automate registration, color consistency
  • Make it easy to get great prints
  • Avoid wasting time and paper
  • Reduce rework

Want to know what to look for a system that’s been designed for more productive operation and automation? Watch “One Digital Press, Total Business Success” for a success story you can repeat in your own print business.

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