Mobile and Print… How do they mix?

Mobile devices are the one electronic device that most of us carry at all times. These devices are with their owners for more hours of the day than personal computers, TV sets, magazines, or radios. If you are looking to reach a prospect or end customer – integrating Mobile with Print can create a unique opportunity to build that relationship and grow your business.
Did you know? A recent Synovate survey provided clear evidence of how much people depend on their phones. Three-quarters of total survey respondents – including 82% of Americans – never leave home without their phones, and 36% of people around the world (42% of Americans) say that they can’t live without their cell phones!
If you want to learn more about opportunities when mobile and print DO mix, you can view a replay of a webinar we held on April 14th, designed to share creative ways that service providers are blending everything from mobile phone bar codes to iPhone applications to integrate the world of print with mobile technologies.

Barb Pellow, Group Director from InfoTrends shared the latest research on this subject, and was joined by Marc Fors (Co-Founder of Enthusem) and Tom McDermott (Founder, Shoot It! postcard messaging)
View the replay of this webinar!
Download the InfoTrends White Paper

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  1. Zittau August 18, 2011 -

    If practical, please think about more information like this in future, many thanks.

  2. Susan Weiss August 18, 2011 -

    Zittau – thanks for your comment! You may be interested in a variety of webinars we have on Business Development topics. They can be found at and available for free viewing at any time. We have one coming up on Sept 28th all about value added selling. If you are interested please send me your e-mail and i’ll be sure you get an invitation!

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