Mobile Print in Action

As mobile devices are becoming more relevant in today’s society; people are finding the need to use their phone more than their computer. And there is no question that technology around mobile phones is excelling. The mobile professional is carrying their phone around; checking email and looking to share documents and information easily— So the whole idea behind Mobile Print is to be able to print from your mobile device.
How It Works
All you have to do is send an email to a central email address that goes to a server on a corporate company’s infrastructure, from which a confirmation email is sent back. This confirmation email contains several random digits. The user can then go to any Mobile Print enabled printer, type their code in, and receive their printed document.
Mobile Print Advantages
There are three main advantages to Mobile Print technology:

    1) It’s simple. If you can send an e-mail, you can print. It’s location independent and you don’t need to download applications or drivers to the phone. You can also see a useful thumbnail preview on the MFP user interface.
    2) It’s convenient. You can print from any e-mail enabled device a variety of documents from jpegs, to PDFs and other office documents. Users can apply printer settings at the MFP as if they were printing from their desktop, and can have accurate conversion of their Microsoft Office documents without the concern of losing format data.
    3) It’s secure. You are the one at the machine typing in your unique code related to your e-mail, documents, and attachments.

Mobile Print in Action
At Graph Expo we are demonstrating this technology. Visitors in our booth can get a caricature done by a professional artist drawing on a digital tablet. Once complete, their image is e-mailed to a mobile server. A confirmation e-mail with the code was sent back, which we then type into a Xerox mobile print enabled ColorQube 9203. Then wha-la! Out comes a printed version of their cartoon face!
There are many business uses for this kind of technology…
How would you incorporate mobile print technology into your production environment?

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  1. Maha May 4, 2012 -

    Wao so useful and helpful it is now to get your document in a print form anywhere and anytime with the help of your mobile, many thanks to the technology.Great job!

    Maha from tringles à rideaux 

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